The Turnaround: Week 3, Tuesday

The Turnaround

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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The Westerners knocked it out of the park today!  Great practice.  A truly great effort and execution of a Tuesday practice today.  These guys get it!

We were a little sluggish yesterday and needed a good one today.  After talking with assistant Coach Adam Rosales yesterday, we came up with the idea to start practice with conditioning.  After a thirty minute special teams walk-through with me, I started their conditioning.  They bought into it.

I told them, look, let’s knock it out so you can focus on practice and not worry about conditioning when they were done.  You can fully expend yourself on practice for the next two hours, I explained.  It worked.  They went all out and put together a great practice.

I’m not afraid to mix it up and do things differently.  I’m not rigid; I’m not afraid to go against the grain.  Sometimes you just need to do it.  Today was that day and it worked to perfection.

Now we are set up for a good Wednesday practice tomorrow.  We have lots of energy.  Lots of juice flowing right now.  We just need to ride the momentum!

New Juice

With new blood on this staff, practices have been much more energized and vibrant.  It’s a fresh new outlook and a completely different approach to practice.

WR coaches Lance Hogle and Nathan Slaughter have been as intense as you can be in practice.  Hogle is a veteran.  He has been in this game a long time as a coach.  Slaughter, on the other hand, is new to coaching after playing stints in the NFL and CFL.  Nathan has been tremendous out there.  He just hopped right in like he has been
at this for 20 years.  This is proving to be a terrific duo!

Jose Morales is also new to the varsity staff.  He came in from Borger HS.  He has brought knowledge and a cerebral approach to inside linebackers.  He is intense in his own way and the players know they need to be ready each day to perform.

Brandon Walker and Brian Richardson were added to our freshmen staff.  They have been terrific down there with our young kids.  They listen, ask questions and approach each day as if it is their first day all over again.

The infusion of these guys to this staff has been a blessing.  We are a cohesive unit and it’s rubbing off on the kids, in a big way.  This is not a coincidence.


-Yanks blew a 6-0 lead tonight.  That’s tantamount to losing a football game where you led 42-0. Geez.

-Red Sox still stink.

-Life is too short to be miserable.  Fact.

-U.S. Olympic gymnastics team is awesome.

-Be you and never compromise what you believe in for anyone.  Ever.

-The movie Sideout was a classic from the early 90’s.  Miss my childhood.

See you tomorrow!


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