98th annual Pennsylvania Turkey Day high school football game between Catasauqua and Northampton falls victim to COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic has taken-down another longtime Turkey Day high school football rivalry. The 98th annual Northampton/Catasauqua high school football game won’t be played Thursday morning.

Officials from both schools decided to cancel the game due to “an increase in COVID-19 cases among students and staff in both districts, a substantial level of community transmission in Northampton and Lehigh counties.”

“This has been a difficult decision, but the health and safety for our students, coaches and families inevitably causes us to err in protection of all involved as well as the health and well-being of our greater communities.”

Joint news release from Northampton and Catasauqua Schools

Last week, officials from Easton (Pennsylvania) and Phillipsburg (New Jersey) announced the cancellation of their annual Thanksgiving Day game due to COVID-19.

Northampton/Catasauqua Game-by-Game Scores

1925Catasauqua 22Northampton 6
1925Catasauqua 12Northampton 7
1926Northampton 7Catasauqua 6
1926Northampton 7Catasauqua 0
1927Catasauqua 7Northampton 0
1928Catasauqua 20Northampton 0
1929Catasauqua 12Northampton 0
1930Catasauqua 19Northampton 0
1931Catasauqua 9Northampton 6
1932Northampton 6Catasauqua 6 (TIE)
1933Catasauqua 20Northampton 6
1934Catasauqua 20Northampton 0
1935Northampton 13Catasauqua 12
1936Catasauqua 7Northampton 6
1937Northampton 85Catasauqua 0
1938Northampton 14Catasauqua 0
1939Northampton 12Catasauqua 7
1940Northampton 7Catasauqua 6
1941Catasauqua 26Northampton 6
1942Northampton 6Catasauqua 0
1943Catasauqua 14Northampton 12
1944Northampton 6Catasauqua 6 (TIE)
1945Northampton 25Catasauqua 0
1946Northampton 20Catasauqua 0
1947Northampton 14Catasauqua 6
1948Northampton 26Catasauqua 7
1949Northampton 48Catasauqua 0
1950Northampton 48Catasauqua 0
1951Northampton 28Catasauqua 6
1952Northampton 47Catasauqua 6
1953Northampton 37Catasauqua 0
1954Northampton 39Catasauqua 19
1955Northampton 45Catasauqua 12
1956Northampton 31Catasauqua 6
1957Northampton 18Catasauqua 7
1958Northampton 25Catasauqua 13
1959Northampton 34Catasauqua 0
1960Northampton 50Catasauqua 0
1961Northampton 27Catasauqua 0
1962Northampton 9Catasauqua 0
1963Northampton 37Catasauqua 0
1964Northampton 32Catasauqua 6
1965Northampton 12Catasauqua 0
1966Catasauqua 6Northampton 0
1967Northampton 13Catasauqua 0
1968Northampton 7Catasauqua 7 (TIE)
1969Northampton 8Catasauqua 6
1970Northampton 14Catasauqua 6
1971Northampton 24Catasauqua 0
1972Northampton 14Catasauqua 13
1973Northampton 24Catasauqua 8
1974Northampton 24Catasauqua 14
1975Catasauqua 24Northampton 0
1976Catasauqua 28Northampton 22
1977Northampton 7Catasauqua 0
1978Catasauqua 7Northampton 6
1979Northampton 8Catasauqua 8 (TIE)
1980Catasauqua 34Northampton 26
1981Catasauqua 26Northampton 8
1982Catasauqua 21Northampton 12
1983Catasauqua 3Northampton 0
1984Catasauqua 21Northampton 7
1985Catasauqua 6Northampton 0
1986Catasauqua 21Northampton 9
1987Northampton 13Catasauqua 10
1988Northampton 38Catasauqua 0
1989Northampton 13Catasauqua 8
1990Catasauqua 19Northampton 18
1991Catasauqua 35Northampton 7
1992Catasauqua 7Northampton 0
1993Northampton 26Catasauqua 13
1994Northampton 17Catasauqua 7
1995Catasauqua 35Northampton 0
1996Catasauqua 19Northampton 14
1997Northampton 24Catasauqua 6
1998Northampton 41Catasauqua 0
1999Northampton 35Catasauqua 13
2000Catasauqua 28Northampton 19
2001Northampton 18Catasauqua 12
2002Catasauqua 21Northampton 6
2003Northampton 34Catasauqua 7
2004Northampton 22Catasauqua 6
2005Northampton 21Catasauqua 13
2006Northampton 35Catasauqua 14
2007Northampton 41Catasauqua 7
2008Northampton 19Catasauqua 0
2009Northampton 28Catasauqua 7
2010Northampton 22Catasauqua 17
2011Catasauqua 20Northampton 6
2012Catasauqua 52Northampton 21
2013Catasauqua 43Northampton 28
2014Northampton 33Catasauqua 14
2015Northampton 40Catasauqua 26
2016Northampton 42Catasauqua 25
2017Northampton 46Catasauqua 19
2018Northampton 49Catasauqua 14
2019Northampton 63Catasauqua 0

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