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Hello everyone, it has been a few weeks since I have sat down and banged out a blog. Getting into my first off-season, and the upcoming holidays have thrown my schedule into disarray, but I’m back now. I want to do something a little different for my final blog of 2017. Each of my previous articles had a singular focus, but this one is going to cover everything from football to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. I feel like going off into multiple areas just for the heck of it. Hope you enjoy!

Congrats to my players

I’ll begin by congratulating all the young men in the Oñate Football program who received 3-6A All District accolades. I’m very proud of these young men. These are honors that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. They are as follows:

1st Team

Monroe Young (WR/DB), Justin Veliz (C/DE), Ivan Perez (OT/DE), Brandon Veliz (WR/DB), and Jayden Diaz (DB)

2nd Team

Aaron Sanchez (QB), Erick Ortega (LB), Mauricio Vasquez (DT), Tariq Pettes (G), Sam Rivera (DB), Jared Rico (K), Jayden Diaz (WR)

Honorable Mention

Jared Rico (WR), Jose Marquez (DT), Arath Ronquillo (LB), Carlos Marshall (LB), Erick Ortega (TE)


Why do people on Twitter think their self-importance is in direct proportion to the number of followers they have? I try to follow as many coaches across the country as I can, and when a coach follows me first, I always follow back regardless of who he is or what level he coaches. But last week after ­­­following some coaches, two guys tweeted “Thanks for the follow Scott Veliz, check out my ­­­ (insert whatever they are promoting).” They were too good to follow me back, because I’m a nobody, but they were nice enough to thank me for the “follow.” Unbelievable. What is wrong with people? If you do not want to follow me back, that is ok, I do not follow back every single person who follows me. That is your prerogative; but do not “big time” me by thanking me for the follow and then not following back. Suffice it say, those two were unfollowed by me. Yes, I realize I used the word “follow” and many of its forms way too many times in that paragraph.


The NFL is fixed. Maybe not like the mafia-influenced boxing matches of the 1960’s, but fixed nonetheless. I just finished watching the Patriots-Steelers game and nothing will ever convince me that was not a catch, and I am not a Steelers fan. But, the networks need Tom Brady in the Super Bowl come this February, so of course the call goes against the Steelers. Plus, it amazes me that so many Americans tune in every Sunday to such a boring, predictable, field goal driven league.


The NBA is fixed. Explain how a team can be down by 30 with 2 mins to play in the 3rd quarter, then wind up winning by 15. Ridiculous.

College Football

NCAA Football is fixed. Yes, Alabama is one of the best four teams in the country, but they did not even reach their conference championship. There are four playoff spots and five major conferences, but yet everyone is stunned that we have injustices every year. Every member of that selection committee has some vested interest in every team that is playing. If you do not think that big money boosters do not reach out to these people doing the selection, you’re as clueless as an NFL referee crew.

Bowl Games

College Football players choosing not to play in their bowl game because of the upcoming NFL draft is sickening. It is a prime example of the “Disease of Me” in its most dangerous form. If the NFL had any integrity, which it does not, they would make it mandatory for a player to COMPLETE his last college season before becoming draft eligible. That means, unless you are hurt, you MUST play with your team in a bowl. Honestly, why wouldn’t you want to finish what you started with your brothers?!

College Hoops

NCAA Basketball needs to stop the one-and-done disease. Either let the kid try to go to the NBA straight out of high school, or make him stay at the school of his choice for at least 3 years like Football and D1 Baseball. What is one year doing for him or the school? All he is doing is taking up a scholarship for a year that could be going to someone who intends on getting a degree. Let him try the NBA, whether he is mentally and physically ready or not.

God bless High School Football and all of its players, coaches, and fans.

-I had never heard of Net Neutrality until this week. But if it means $29.95 a month for Twitter, then goodbye to Twitter and all the coaches who thank me for following them but do not follow me back.

-Explain to me how people like ABBA, NWA, Beastie Boys, and Donna Summer are in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and bands like Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest are not?! Are musicianship, talent, songwriting ability, and influence on other successful bands not prerequisites? Stop letting in non-rock and roll acts or change the name to the All Types of Music Hall of Fame.

-I finally discovered the series Entourage on HBO and I binged on all 97 episodes over the last two weeks. Awesome show. I also tried Game of Thrones. Not as awesome. Just cannot get into the “dungeons and dragons / lake of fire” type stuff. I know I am probably the only person in America who feels this way. So be it.

-You think Republicans and Democrats will ever put country before party? I mean, ever. We’ve seen a little of it lately, but I’m talking about truly doing what is right even if its hurts your political affiliation. Sadly enough, it will never happen.

I’ll stop here. I could go on for days and my blog would be 56,000 words. Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope your Christmas season is filled with peace and happiness and everyone has a great 2018!!


Scott Veliz


by Scott Veliz
Oñate High School Head Football Coach
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