Players return to Texas team after controversy surrounding starting QB is addressed by staff

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Quite a story coming-out of Mineral Wells, Texas where nine players have returned to the Mineral Wells High School football team after head coach Gerald Perry agreed to reopen the battle for the team’s starting quarterback.  According to the Mineral Wells Index, the nine players quit the team after Perry named his son Tristan as the team’s starting quarterback. 

Linebacker Max Grinder first said this about Tristan Perry being named the starter over Trent Guinn“We talked to Perry about it (Wednesday),” Grider told the Index, saying he was speaking on behalf of the group. “We all voiced our opinions that we should have two quarterbacks at least in pads to have a chance to compete; don’t make a decision just yet. Don’t move [Guinn] to slot receiver where he can’t compete. We were in a bad situation where we couldn’t really do anything to fight it. For us to be heard, we felt like the only thing we had left to do is quit.”

After Perry agreed to put all of the offensive decisions in the hands of his offensive coordinator, the players decided to return to the team.

The main man in the middle, Trent Guinn, said this about the future — “We’re just working hard to mend the family back together. There’s been a lot of hurt feelings and stuff, but we’re just trying to get everyone back together.”


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