Lubbock to scrimmage tonight against Shallowater HS

Lubbock football helmet

Even on the eve of scrimmages your blood gets boiling. You know it doesn’t count. You know it’s just a tune up. But, it’s time to compete and see what we have thus far. It gets you pretty amped up as a coach. The night before our first live action against a different colored jersey. It’s go time against Shallowater!

Thursday we did our pre-game or walk through practice. It’s the last chance to polish up for Friday. This year, I’m going back to the way I used to do pre-game: complete silence and mental focus. Thursday is about mental preparation. It’s getting your mind focused. It’s understanding what we have been working on and executing. The physical portion of your preparation is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There is no need to get physical on Thursday.

Our practice was great Thursday. Complete focus. Players only spoke when spoken to. We ran our stuff. We took mental reps and we polished up. That’s it. Thirty-minutes later we were in the locker room for training table. They are now mentally ready, as well as physically. They are also rested, which is key.

Today we find some things out about us. That’s is. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s a scrimmage. Next week they start counting. But the blood and competitive juices will be flowing tomorrow. That is guaranteed.

I pride myself on building a tight knit staff. We have had plenty of continuity over the years, which helps grow the program. I truly believe keeping your staff in tact and building an atmosphere of fun helps build your program. Staff chemistry is vital to the health of your program.

We have some new staff members this year and they have blended right in with the usual cast of characters. I will be talking about these guys as we move through the season. They are a lot of fun to be around and most importantly, they are great for kids.

Take care of the ones who take care of you. Your staff is your life line. Don’t forget it.

-Varsity scrimmage begins at 3:30 this afternoon.
-The weather has been great out here the past two days. The heat is gone. I’m sure it will be back today.
-Coach Nitram, who departed LHS for Tascosa, keeps blowing up our phones with texts throughout the day. This guy is silly, crazy, zany and fun. He is missed around the field house.
-I’m watching Armageddon. Doesn’t get any better than that.
-Soup is not a meal. Mendy’s does have some great soup though.
-We are going to run the ball this year. Just watch.

That is it. All done. Time to do a curfew check on Coach Tyler Trout.


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