The Turnaround – Day 4, Media Day

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by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Lubbock Westerners media dayHere at LHS we take every day seriously, just like everyone else. But we take the practice field every day just like we would on Friday nights. We line up at the door, captains and seniors up front. We tap our Mental Toughness sign and we sprint to the field. Every day. I cannot allow these guys to take the field in a state that is not conducive for winning. I will not let them let themselves down. I will not allow them to not give their best effort.

I could sense today was the dreaded “crash” day. Crash day is when they come crashing down, right in the middle of your first week. I saw it in their eyes. I could see it in how they tied their shoes. I could sense the weariness in the locker room. The juice was not their. I knew it was coming and it was coming fast.

Sure enough, it happened. We spent the first period of practice running 5, 10, 15 yard touch and go’s. I didn’t like pre-practice. It was lax. No energy. I had to snap them back to reality. Jerk their chain. Let them know I mean business. I did it. We did it. It had to be done. I cannot allow them to give me their second best effort.

From that point on we picked up the pace. In the middle of practice they sprinted into the locker room to meet me. Greeted them with freeze pops. It was my sudden change period. We got them into the locker room. They had an ice cold treat. I talked to them like I would at halftime. The juice was back! You need to know the pulse of the team. I knew it and we addressed it. From that point on, they took over and dominated practice.

We ended practice on a high note. Wow. It was awesome to see. First second half of the season was won right there!


Temps in Lubbock got up to over 100 degrees today. On the turf it was 140+ degrees. Need to get used to that, fellas. The heat is relentless and it can break you down. But the other team has to play in it too. So there is no point in complaining. Just get it done.Lubbock High School media day

We have been conditioning at the end of practice, like I explained above. I wear them out. We always do it from the goal line. Today, I got them on the goal line at the end. The only difference was I had them face the field house, not the whole football field. They didn’t know what was going on. I started. They marched closer and closer to the field house.

I got them all between the two buildings. I was pushed right up to a fence. They had two yards. left. I said you have your opponent up against the wall. Finish the job! I blew the whistle. They came hard… So hard, in fact, that they jacked me through the fence! I ended up on the sidewalk in front of Chapman! They went right through the fence, with me attached. You know what? It was one of my proudest moments. This team has guts!

It takes a set of…. I will let the kids finish that sentence.

Today was media day. Team photos taken. It was good to see the kids have some fun. They took silly pictures and just looked like they enjoyed being around each other. Chemistry. It is there. Better than ever before!

Back to normal tomorrow. Practice starts at 7:00 p.m. Let’s get it done! First time in full pads. Not it seems like football is here for real now!

Lubbock HS Westerners Media DayRANDOMNESS
– Oklahoma & Bob Stoops have a food truck; LHS is next.
– NFL preseason football is on TV. Please just show static.
– We put icing on cookies. Please NCAA, come visit us!
– In other news, the NCAA still doesn’t quite get it.
– Richard Sherman is still talking. ESPN is still reporting it. It’s riveting. Just give me real sports news, Esp-nobody cares.

Tomorrow we are back at it. Lets get it!

Until next time….

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small player big play

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