The Turnaround: A Coach

high school football coach Jason StrunkLubbock High School head football coach Jason Strunk given the Semper Fi Coach Award from the U.S. Marine Corps.

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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As I wrote the other day, you cannot let your job define you.  At the end of the day, you are a husband and Dad once you leave the office and head home for the night.  You cannot let your job interfere with your home life.  Again, it’s just a job.

But being a coach and having that title is something unique and special.  Every day I stop in at J&B Coffee, which is the best coffee place, not only in Lubbock, but in the United States.  Anyway, I walk in and I am simply known as coach. One word.  One title — Coach.  I cannot think of anything else like that.  I have never heard them say, “Lawyer, your coffee is ready” or “CPA, your sandwich is ready.”

What I am getting at is that being a coach is special.  You are unique in what you do.  We impact lives on a daily basis, more so than any other profession, in my opinion.  No, we are not saving lives in the operating room, nor are we on the front lines protecting our country. But, we are impacting and molding lives daily.  With our one-on-one interactions with kids daily we are building relationships that last a lifetime.  It’s just a simple fact.

I take being a coach seriously.  There is a lot of responsibility with that title.  In many ways we end up playing the role of father figure, guidance counselor and later in life, friend.  I cannot think of another profession that allows you have these long lasting, close relationships.

Again, do not let your job define who you are.  But, allow yourself the chance to reflect on what you do and be proud of the title you carry as a coach!

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