The Turnaround: Day 6

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In May 2014 Lubbock HS head football coach Jason Strunk honored with Semper Fi Coach Award from the U.S. Marine Corps and Glazier Football Camps

In May 2014 Lubbock HS head football coach Jason Strunk honored with Semper Fi Coach Award from the U.S. Marine Corps and Glazier Football Camps

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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The week has come and gone. Six days of work in. No end in sight. It’s wall to wall football right now. You need to wake up and eat, sleep and drink football. It’s the only way to get to where you need to be. We had a good week but we aren’t where we need to be… yet.

The idea behind this week was to see how far they could be pushed, see how they respond and to see how mentally and physically tough we were. I have some answers on this but it is nowhere near being a finished book.

1. How far can they be pushed? Sand. Dirt. Mud. Water. Rain. Conditioning. Nobody ever backed down. Nobody begged to get out. This group can be pushed far and they are resilient.

2. How do they respond? Pretty well. They keep coming at you. I won’t totally be happy until everyone shows up with the same demeanor and look every day. It may never happen, but I will did trying. Overall, this group responds well.

3. Are they mentally tough? Yes. I’m not sure how much. What I do know is they are the most mentally tough team we have had in three years. We will see now certain scenarios pan out but I can see this team being mentally tough and beyond.

4. Are we physically tougher? Not sure. It’s hard to gauge week one. Monday and Tuesday next week will let me know better. I think we are. We have physically tough kids. We just have to wait and see.

Week one was a success on many levels. There is something about this team that a I love. They are in. The buy in is there. They like each other. The chemistry is there. Something is telling me this is a special group. Lets hope 2014 is as good as I am thinking it is.

We don’t discuss in-house business. Not our thing. Our locker room is our sanctuary. We have tough days. All of us do. When days get tough it’s nice to know your guys will pick you up. Today, for the first time ever, players were asking me if I am alright. Almost all of them. I’m telling you, there is something about this team this is special. They turned a tough football day into a good one.

For the first time we did live PAT/FG today. Great session. Our place kicker, Ryan Huber, has a D1 leg. He was displaying it today. He was nearly perfect, only going wide on a 55 yarder. College coaches: pay attention. The kid can kick! His get off time was a tick under 1.3 seconds, which is in line with big time college expectations.

James Garcia, Tommy Najera, Alex Loredo, Jordan High, Kristian Johnson and Steven Duke have been outstanding thus far in the leadership department. They are doing a great job. In fact, everyone in the locker room is doing a great job. You are only as good as your leadership. Right now, we are solid in this department.

Former Westerner QB Layven Armendariz dropped by camp yesterday. Great kid. Led us to the playoffs two years ago. One of the toughest to ever line up at QB for me. Threw for 2,500 yards as a senior. Nice to see him come back to visit.

– Jake Willingham (OC) is from Ennis. His dad still coaches there. You can tell Jake is a coaches kid. Great family.
– Tyler Trout, OLB Coach, used to be the head softball coach at Dumas HS, where he won coach of the year.
– Sheridan’s is the best place to get a late night scoop in Lubbock
– Former DC Duane Toliver is the new head coach at Claude, TX. Great man. His wife, Michelle and their two kids make a terrific family. Miss having those guys in Lubbock.
– Yankees lost; Manziel played; Lebron lost weight; Wow. The world is still spinning.
– Jeremy Maxfield, JV HC, wears a velvet suit.

That’s all she wrote.

Until next time…. FIO.

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