The Turnaround – Do or Die

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by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Lubbock High School football helmetToday we travel to Lake View. This is not your ordinary travel day or game for the Westerners. This is it. It is do or die.

We have lost 12 starters to injury this year. We have juggled rosters. We have moved people up. We have battled. We have gotten better each week, on every level. We have built the program. The Freshmen won again last night, thus clinching their second straight winning season. That is huge for us. My first year here we were a combined 1-39 on every level. The feeder programs are now in place and you can see it. The JV team has lost almost half of their guys to the Varsity roster and have just kept plugging away. I am proud of those guys. Why am I saying all this? Because there has been a lot that has gone right this year. The program is being built.

That is why tonight is so important. When I got here I said we will get to the playoffs. We did in year two, ended a 36 year drought. This year I thought we would fully get over the hump. It hasn’t worked out according to plan, but when does life always go your way? Our seniors have been through a lot. Fours years of buying into what we do and bringing the younger kids along. They have been great. You can see the things we have instilled for four years taking root. Tonight could be the return in the investment these guys made in 2011. Get back to the playoffs. Two times in four years for this class would be a monumental accomplishment, considering where we have come from!

A lot has gone right in four years. A lot has gone right for our entire program this season. Tonight, with one win for the Varsity team, our seniors can say a lot went right for them too. It is do or die. Lets make it happen!


Armchair QB’s are annoying.

There is a reason people play and coach. Usually, the people who play and coach know what they are doing. After all, that is why they are down there on the field right? With that being said, we are all football fans. But you can always tell when you are watching a game with a coach. There is no fandom. There is just watching and commenting on different things people are running, doing etc. It’s hard to explain, but you just know when you are watching a game in a room full of strangers, which ones are the coaches.

If you are fan, just sit back and enjoy the game. Yelling, screaming and questioning play calling is a bit over top. Realize that if you knew more then the ones on the field you would be out there.

Nothing happened for me to write this. It is just an observation I have. Its annoying listening to people moan about their teams and their play calling or tackling. Just watch the game and enjoy.


* I am annoyed last night. It was Thursday. This usually happens.
* Another hazing incident in high school football yesterday. I will comment on this next week. Until then, I will just continue to shake my head as to how this happens.
* Repeating this: Royals will win the World Series.
* Three hour trip to Lake View today. Its the last leg of our 1,500 mile bus tour this year! Next year? We have 7 games at home and 1 at Lubbock Cooper. Only two road trips next year. Good planning… I guess.

Do or die today…. I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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