The Turnaround – Fall Practice 2014, Day 3

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by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Wow! What a great day!

I am telling you, if you aren’t having fun with your kids, you are missing out. It can be monotonous out there these first few days. I need to sprinkle in some fun. We switched some things up today to add some more juice to practice. We had the music going again today (probably do this all year). Then I add some new wrinkles.

In the middle of practice, during my sudden change period, I brought out one hundred freeze pops. Wanted to let them know how much we appreciate they work so far. It was awesome. Freeze pops are definitely not out norm, considering the emphasis on nutrition here. But it was great mid practice change up.

After that, practice ended with some great tempo and excitement. I finished practice by running them hard, getting some extra conditioning in. They responded two days in a row. Mental toughness is there. It has been awesome.

Once in the locker room, I had a dance off set up for the coaches. Coaches Devin Kline, Jake Willingham, Tyler Trout and David Moody squared off, front and center in the locker room. The locker room went nuts! Great to see the kids laughing. The vibe in this locker room is much different. They love being around each other and are having fun!

We got our work in today. Great day of practice. But we also had our fun, which is often overlooked. The advice: work hard and have fun!

Happy to have Abby Reed join our staff as our photographer. She does great work. She is an anchor for KCBD during the day and works with us at night. She does great work! Glad to have her on board.

Thursday is our annual media day. Early practice schedule for this event. First and last time all summer our schedule is a little different.

This staff has chemistry. The kids have chemistry. It’s so critical to success. We love going into work on a daily basis. We joke and have a good time. You need to be thick skinned around here. It’s all in good fun though. I wouldn’t want it any other way!

– I’m not a fan of clichés, especially “it is what it is”. Well, no kidding. If it isn’t what it was, than what is it? It’s wasted breath. It’s a wasted sentence.
– FIO means Figure It Out. If you cannot do this, you cannot make it in this world.
– This blog is written so my enjoyment and relaxation. Most people are sleeping when I am up writing this. This does not interfere with my job. It’s on my own time.
– I met Neil Armstrong one time. Awesome, right? Only problem was I didn’t recognize who he was. Ask me the story one day. It’s a classic.

That’s all she wrote. Until next time… FIO!!

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