The Turnaround – Finding Some Peace

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Lubbock Head Coach Jason Strunk. Photo courtesy of

Lubbock Head Coach Jason Strunk.
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There are just some days where you need to take a step back and catch your breath. Things have a tendency to pile up on you when you least expect it. It could be a seemingly quite day and then bang, you are inundated with issues and it never seems to relent.

Tuesday, for instance, was a routine day up until 1:40 p.m. From that point on I was on the go and I had nothing scheduled for the afternoon. That changed in a heartbeat. All that craziness found its way into my next day.

What else can you do but roll with the punches?

All the craziness got me to thinking — Coaches need to have an escape to the chaos! You need to find some peace throughout the day. It is a must! If you don’t, this job will swallow you up!

Here are some ideas, most of which I do, to doing something every day to help you escape and find some time to keep your mind and body healthy…

Music – When it gets crazy, find a few minutes to listen to some of your favorite music. Easy as that. Find an escape through some tunes.

Read – I’m not talking about reading the latest 3-4 defensive techniques. I’m talking about doing some actual reading. Escape the madness fully. Take time to get away from football. The Catcher in the Rye is a pretty good read, for example.

Write – Usually, the last thing I do at night before bed is write. Put it all down on paper. Great ideas are spawned with a pen in your hand. This helps me relax tremendously. It’s a great way to clear the head and gather your thoughts.

Exercise – I do this seven days a week. You must find time to workout. Don’t give me the “you don’t have time to workout” line. It keeps you healthy, mentally and physically. This one is a no-brainer. Burn off some extra steam. Pound the weights. Go for a walk. Whatever. Just do something for yourself that involves physical movement!

Nap – There is nothing wrong with a 20 minute nap. I’m not one to nap, but the benefits are great, according to some studies.

Those are just some ideas for you.

Look, we work in a highly stressful position. It can get the best of you. It is imperative to do something for yourself every day. Stay healthy anyway you can. Find some peace throughout the day. It is worth the effort.

I know first-hand how this job can beat you down. So does my man, Jeff Fisher. Take it from us; peace of mind goes a long way in the overall health of your body!

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