The Turnaround – Good Riddance to 2014: Hated to see you come; glad to see you go!

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by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School head football coach
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Lubbock High School football helmetFinally, I sit on the eve of 2015.

I have been counting the days down to see this awful year go bye-bye. As it’s been noted here, 2014 was brutal for me on every level. Recently, it’s gotten even worse, which I didn’t realize was humanly possible. December has definitely been a month to never remember.

However, if you read this blog you know wallowing in misery or mediocrity isn’t my thing. Far from it. I was born to smash barriers and obstacles. I thrive when the chips are down. So, 2015, watch out. This coach isn’t going to take your crap. I’m out to get you and I will. Be ready.

Swag – Please. Enough already. Yeah, I get it. But having Swag helicopters and using swag every chance you get is ridiculous and sounds a bit uneducated. Let’s go with CONFIDENCE in 2015. I will take a CONFIDENT team over a team with swag any day of the week. Swag doesn’t win; CONFIDENCE does.

Tempo – Please. The most overused football term in today’s lingo and one I used to use. What was I thinking? How bout we switch tempo to EFFICIENT? An EFFICIENT team picks up first downs, smashes your teeth in and keeps its defense in games. Not everything in life, even in football, revolves around tempo. So, tempo, please go away and bring on some EFFICIENCY!

Ballin’ – Yeah. This one is just obnoxious. So you make a good play and everyone says you are ballin’ or “Doin work” (another phrase I can’t stand)? When a doctor fixes your heart is he yelling, “I’m cuttin'”? Is anyone tweeting “Doc is doin’ work”? No. Pipe down. You are supposed to make plays and playing well takes hard work. Cut out the fancy vernacular. Zip it. Just make plays (as you are expected to) and work hard (as you are expected to).

ESPN – Switch these clowns to the moron network. I don’t need to say anything else on this.

Manziel – Lets use this word when it is actually meaningful. Thanks.

– Recruiting of HS athletes is ridiculous. You wonder where a lot of issues come from? Right here. RECRUITING. 5 star this and that. Please. They are kids being used by the media and colleges to generate money. Go away, ESPN 300 and all the other crap you bring with it. Let kids be kids.
– I plan on going skydiving in 2015. A year of firsts for this coach.
– Yankees still stink.
– There are too many bowl games. It’s brutal.
– The Westerners will be in the playoffs in 2015. Yeah. It’s gonna happen again.

Adios, 2014. You can stick it!

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