The Turnaround – Great Week for Westerner sports

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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The Week That Was: February 15 – February 22

Neal Tull Lubbock Wrestling

Lubbock HS assistant football coach, who also serves as the school’s head wrestling coach, had three of his wrestlers qualify for the Texas state wrestling championships. Photo by Samuel Valerio.

What a great week for LHS athletics. This blog is about football and rebuilding. But, a critical component in rebuilding football programs is the success of the other athletic programs. Building a winning culture is huge.

We sent three wrestlers to the state tournament. Our swimming and diving team qualified an incredible thirteen to compete in Austin. Our men’s and women’s soccer teams won again and have district titles in their grasp. Our softball team opened with a 19-1 win. Also, our women’s golf team debuted at number three in the state rankings.

And of course, the men’s basketball team pulled out a great win and clinched a playoff spot for the the third straight year. That is the first time we pulled that feat off in seventy years!

Jason Strunk blonde

Strunky’s Before & After

Holy crow! What a great week to be a Westerner! It was such a great week my hair turned blonde! Lets keep this rolling for awhile now.


Monday – Fought for our kids. Great day in the weight room. The kids are making some great gains in the weight room and in their body weight. Coach Tyler Lloyd did his SpongeBob’s for the team. They went nuts over it!

Tuesday – Fought for our kids. We capped off our workout with our “get out of your comfort zone” exercise. All the players stand around the platforms, in a rectangle shape. We ask a few kids (coaches too) to tell the team something they don’t know about themselves. It’s great. You have to know who you are lining up next to and who you are going into battle with.

Lubbock weightlifting

Lubbock assistant coach Tyler Trout doing his Sponge Bob’s in the weight room.

Wednesday – Fought for the kids. Didn’t see the team as it was a half day. But I did get my hair dyed blonde. AWESOME!!

Thursday – Fought for the kids. Jake Willingham flew to a leadership conference. He brought back some great knowledge. Hope to have a blog recap on it. Also, we had our four match wrestling showcase. WOW!! We are learning so much about our team from doing this. Great battles. The will to survive and win is through the roof. Guys like Zeke Salazar, Mitchell Gallagher, Pooh Bear Ambriz and Keyshawn Collins are what the backbone of this team is built upon!

Friday – Fought for the kids. Early morning workouts before school. Great way to end the week! They finished strong, which we always stress!

Saturday – Fought for the kids. Even on my off days, I am in this office working and fighting for our kids. So is my staff. That is why we have the best staff anywhere. Seriously. You will hear about all of us very soon!

That’s it. What a great week!

-1980 US Olympic Hockey Team. Yeah, best sports story ever. Take your dream teams and all the other crap and flush it.

An autographed picture of the USA's Miracle on Ice hangs in Strunky's office

An autographed picture of the USA’s Miracle on Ice hangs in Strunky’s office

There will never be another story like this. A bunch of college kids beating a team of professional Russians, at the height of the Cold War? Hollywood couldn’t write that.
-Pitchers and catchers report. Thankfully, I can watch spring training instead of seeing the NBA and all the cheesy nicknames the players in that league have.
-Speaking of nicknames. Swaggy P plays for the Lakers. I’m now going with Swaggy Strunk. It’s the blonde look.
-Country music was played in our weight room by Jake Willingham. Kangaroo Court fined him $100. That won’t be happening again! Geez.
-Neal Tull’s legal middle name is Alice.
-I heard Liam Neeson is looking for me. Not good.

Till next time, FIO. Yes. Really. Some people on this planet really need to FIO.


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