The Turnaround: It’s about the kids

Lubbock Westerners football

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Yesterday was Tuesday and Tuesday was much better than last Friday, which is the hottest take anyone has ever written. But seriously, we have rebounded nicely since last Friday. We began that process almost immediately with a great Saturday. So all is well in Westerner land!

We had a good effort on Tuesday and great physical work. We are doing a bunch of new things, so it is going to take a few extra reps to iron-out. But, yesterday was a great start to it. I was excited watching the new things we implemented into our plan this week.

Look, we are going to let it fly.  We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  We have a shot at the playoffs with two games left to play. What else could you ask for?  We have put ourselves in good position.  Now we just need to come through. That’s why we are throwing all caution to the wind and letting it rip.  We will be unconventional, unpredictable.  Just the way I like to do things.

The most important thing with all this is that the kids are having fun.  That’s what it’s all about this time of year.  I’m going to enjoy it, too.  Life is too short to be all wound-up and miserable. Let’s enjoy the ride!

Elementary School Visits

Lubbock football

Lubbock Westerners visit Maedgen Elementary School on Tuesday.

The past two weeks we have visited our elementary feeder schools — Roscoe Wilson and Maedgen.

It is awesome to get out with our team and visit these schools.  The support and enthusiasm they show us is incredible.  The kids wear their jerseys and for 15-minutes and our kids walk the halls greeting the little ones.  In that timeframe our kids can see the admiration these youngsters have for our program.

Lubbock football

Lubbock WR Kristian Coleman with his mom Drue, who is the principal at Maedgen Elementary School

We will continue to build relationships and visit our feeder schools.  It helps build our program. Every program should take advantage of this!

Lubbock football

Westerners walking the hall, talking with kids at Maedgen Elementary.

Mental Health Tip

Don’t let bitterness derail your days.  Enjoy the colleagues you work with.  Have fun with the coaches you work with daily.  Respect your opponents and their coaching staff.  Being bitter towards them is a waste of energy.

This game is about the kids, not your ego or misguided anger.  Bitterness gets you nowhere in football and life.  Flip your perspective if you are operating like this. It will change the way you view football and life.


-Cubs will win the World Series.

-Yesterday was national Bill Buckner Day.

-The Red Sox have won eight world titles; the Yankees have won 27.

-Bucky Dent vacations in Laguna Beach. He reenacts his dramatic home run against the Red Sox on the beach.

-Curt Schilling put ketchup on his sock.

-Aaron Boone beat the Red Sox with walk off Homer in the 2003 ALCS.

-Don Zimmer was beat up by a bunch of bully Red Sox players during a brawl.  Come on man!  Zim was like 75 then.

-The Red Sox sold Babe Ruth; the Yankees never sold or traded Derek Jeter.

-Theo Epstein is a great GM.

-This entire section was written to needle and annoy my great friend Jeff Fisher!!!

See you later today. Have a great day!

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