The Turnaround – Just some thoughts

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Lubbock High School football helmetWe just closed our first week of spring ball. It’s been a good week for us. Lots of learning going on out there on the field. We will continue to teach and install this week.

It just feels good to be on the field again. The football field is my sanctuary. When all is wrong in the world, the football field can make it all right. It was a long year last year, but spring football has cleaned the slate and excitement is all around. I’m enjoying this spring more so than any other year.

Coaching football, having fun and enjoying yourself. Sounds like a great job, doesn’t it?

A big thanks to my coaching staff. Can’t get this job done without all if you. I don’t think a HC thanks his guys enough. I’m not going to fall into that category. Make sure your guys know they are appreciated. Without them, you have nothing.

The word progress is intriguing. Progress can be monitored, tested etc. for extended periods of time. Sometimes progress just shows up in subtle little ways. That’s what I love about football and this team we have right now.

Four years ago, I worried if most of the team would be at practice, let alone be on time. We have made huge strides in this department. However, a little piece of progress has emerged over the last couple of weeks that has me excited!

Two Saturday’s in a row, we have had kids show up an hour before practice and work in groups on the field by themselves. Unprompted. On a Saturday. When I first mentioned Saturday practices four years ago, I thought I just asked the team to surrender their rights as an American citizen. Now, they are showing up and putting extra work in early. What a neat thing to see.

Don’t always judge the progress of your rebuild on wins and losses. Sometimes it’s the little signs that lead to tremendous results and progress!

-Tom Brady has been charged with the disappearance of the Bermuda Triangle.
-Yankees lost but still own the AL East, at least for now. Yogi Berra behind the dish for them today.
-People will never be totally happy with all you do. If you understand this, it helps you roll through life a bit better.
-Tom Brady was at the Watergate Hotel.
-NBA playoffs are still going! I’m so excited about that! So excited that I smashed all my fingers with a hammer in sheer joy over the NBA playoffs. Fold up NBA, you are lame.
-Jeff Fisher is searching for a vanity plate for his Porsche. Some suggestions: “WhaleMan”; “BeachBoyStud”; “KKIDSR1”;  or my favorite, “STRUNKY”.
-Tom Brady was on the grassy knoll.

All done. FIO.

Jeff Fisher’s Editor Note: I don’t own a Porsche…love my Cadillac (American-made, baby)…but you may see me tooling around Laguna Beach sporting my “STRUNKY” vanity plate soon!

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