The Turnaround: Lubbock-Cooper

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Lubbock High School football helmetDay one of Cooper install today. All done. These injuries have caused us to do so many different things. It’s been a crazy, crazy year. We just need to keep plugging away.

Today we had to move Dae Dae Morgan, normally our QB, to center. Ryan Huber, who is a terrific kicker, will now step in and play QB. Huber will still continue to kick. Dae Dae’s snaps looked good today. We just hope he can hold up the whole game at the center spot.

On defense, we had to move nose guard,Tony Garcia, to corner. We are hoping his size, 330lbs, can neutralize Cooper’s number WR. It’s a gamble but we are running out of options.

The offense has really adapted well to switching to the A-11 attack. The switch to the 6-2 has really benefited the defense. The kids are flying around and having fun with it.

Tomorrow we need to polish everything up. Day 2 of Cooper weeks needs to be solid!

As we said yesterday, the relationship Kat and I have is awesome. He is a great guy and a great friend. This blog allowed me to screw with him a little bit. Don’t anticipate a 330lb Corner, Kat! There is a better chance of me playing before we go with that Corner look. Just a little pre-game humor, buddy!

Kat and I both agree that is a bigger purpose behind us coaching football. There are more important things in life. There is a bigger purpose. Later this week we will share a pretty neat story!

Never take yourself too seriously. Never take things for granted. Never lose sight of the big picture.

– College football and their scores are no longer exciting to me. It’s becoming old hat now. Can’t wait for the new wave to come: solid defense. So tired of hearing tempo, speed etc. 59-58 scores? I will pass. It’s becoming old to this coach.
– Steelers lost to the Brownies. Yikes. It would have been worse for me had I wasted my time watching it.
– Yankees still haven’t scored. Firing their hitting coach hasn’t helped. Oh wait. They aren’t in the postseason.
– Back to first point here. How bout huddling up, picking up first downs and methodically milking the clock? Sounds like a plan. It’s like the game has become all about gimmicks. Who can go faster. Who can throw it the most. How bout just going back to worrying about winning?
– Next season I am taking out insurance policies on every player and their body parts. Seriously. This is ridiculous.
– Keep plugging away. It’s a must in football and life.

See ya!!

by Max Kattwinkel
Lubbock-Cooper High School Head Football Coach
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Lubbock Cooper High School football helmetMondays are usually our opponent preview and introduction day where we work on our concepts versus what we are fixing to see (or think we are going to see!) that week. With a Thursday game this week we have to amp things up more than we would on a normal Monday, which means more contact and faster instruction pace.

At this point in the season, and with no bye week until Week 11 this year, we have to walk a fine line of preparing our guys and keeping everyone healthy and fresh. Having played seven straight games and two scrimmages, we are just like everyone else. We are seeing bumps, bruises, and general fatigue that we have to do a good job of staying on top of. I firmly believe at this point in the season you are not going to become faster, a better tackler, or a better blocker. Those are things you have to improve on in the off-season and during preseason. Right now is the time to make sure you execute your schemes to the best of your players’ abilities. Our coaching staff does a great job of this.

We are truly blessed with a mix of seasoned veterans with Kent Allison, Sonny Gonzales, Jason Salinas and Joe Sexton. These guys have an average of 22 years experience between them. Throw in the “young” guys like Brad Wuensche, Keenan Kitchens, Landon Winton, and Chip Darden, who have coached an average of 10 years each, and you have a great blend of coaches who care about the kids and work hard every day.

I trust these guys completely and try to make sure I do everything in my power to enable them to do what they do best; coach our guys. Without these guys, I am just an average coach. What makes this staff even more special to me is the family atmosphere we have. We work hard together, but we also have fun together. Just as important as chemistry is on your team, it is equally important within your coaching staff.

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