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by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Lubbock Westerners footballThere really wasn’t much happening this week, at least for me football-wise. Sometimes football needs to take a back seat when you are dealing with the health and the well-being of family.

I am writing this sitting next to my dad in the ICU. He is doing great after open heart surgery and should be released in a day or two. It is amazing how quick things go from scary to great. Last Wednesday was as stressful as it gets. Now on Sunday everything is good and ready to roll on out of here with Pops.

Hopefully this week everything settles down and I can get back into a normal routine. It has been nerve-wracking. I welcome the sense of routine again!

Be thankful for what you have. Be thankful for family. It can be ripped away from you instantly. Never take family and their time on earth for granted.

Dr. Charlie Bayouth — Outstanding doctor and friend. I coach his son Jacob at LHS. Charlie has made it his mission to check on Pops every day. He has really taken care of him and my family. I cannot thank him enough!

I had a lot free time sitting in the ICU this week, so I caught-up a lot on news. Today’s Randomness has a media theme — I suppose — with some valid points to think about for your athletes and program.

-How boring was this week? Llamas in the news and some ridiculous dress, which nobody can agree on when it comes to its color. Another indication how silly our world is now with social media and instant “news”.

-ARod is back with the Yankees, in case you haven’t heard. All the “perfect” people in the world loathe him. All the people who have made mistakes (me) understand his plight. I hope he bounces back, not for the Yankees, but for himself.
-Kind of the same theme here with this topic — Brian Williams — I hope all the Brian Williams jokes and lame memes go away soon. Wow, does it get old fast. All of the internet heroes are out in full force. Go back to your glass house and enjoy life on the inside.
-How can I not mention Keith Olbermann? Back in the day, he was great on ESPN. Grew up with him and Dan Patrick. I still like him and his new show. But wow, he was way off on his verbal attack with Penn St. students this week. Idiotic rant on Twitter by Mr. Olbermann. People need to “can” this, too. It’s over with, move on. The students there had nothing to do with what happened 15 years ago.

Gleen what you want from this blog. There are things you can take from it and apply to your program.

Relationships – See Charlie Bayouth.

Llamas and dress – Watch what you do, young athletes. Everything can become instant news. You are one click away from going viral.

ARod – People make mistakes. You want to see your kids battle back from mistakes. Are going to quit on them? Will your athlete give up on himself after making mistakes? I hope not. So before crushing ARod, think about one of your kids. Do you want to see them battle back?

Brian Williams – Made huge mistakes, but owned up to them. That is the trait of someone willing to make a mends. Do your players own up to their mistakes? Are they willing to endure the consequences that Brian Williams is facing?

Olbermann – Coaches and athletes, think before you tweet. Olbermann found out the hard way. You may have an opinion, but Twitter really isn’t the place to air them in an inappropriate manner.

That’s all I have. Slow week. More football next time.


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