The Turnaround: Need to get better

Jason Strunk Lubbock Week 1

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School head football coach
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Some days are better than others.

This old phrase cannot be overstated in the realm of football. You need to remember this every time you hit the field. Not every day is going to be perfect.

Today was definitely not our best practice. Far from it. We were sluggish on offense and made a bunch of mental errors. It has to be a better day tomorrow. We cannot afford to come out and practice like that tomorrow.

Attitude is everything. We will forget today happened and come back tomorrow with a fresh approach. This stuff happens. You just need to roll with it. You cannot get too high or too low. Bad days happen so you just need to offset the bad with your best practice tomorrow.

Bad days happen. Let’s get after it tomorrow!

We have a bunch of players who work. They all have jobs for various reasons. I can assure that if one of our kids has a job, it is necessary.

We have one player that comes to school at 8:00 a.m. He goes to school all day, just like everyone else. He then comes to football practice during 8th period and works his tail off. He leaves football at 7:00 p.m. and goes home for a little bit. Later at night, this kid turns around and works the night shift at a local restaurant. Sometimes he gets off at 4:00 a.m. He wakes up in the morning and repeats his day — every day AND never misses school.

We have some tough kids. These kids deserve a lot of respect. It just needed to be said.

You know, attitude is everything. Without a great attitude you really have nothing. Things get messy in life and football sometimes. You just need to keep plugging away. Never give in. Find the attitude you need and change the day. Your attitude is you. Never become defeated. Fight. Battle. Persevere. Find the attitude you need!

-People. They just make you scratch your head at times.
-If you listen to the people in the crowd you will eventually end up sitting with
them on Friday nights.
-Yankees took 2 of 3 from the cellar dwelling Red Sox. Yippie.
-Nate Jephcott lost his glow worm today.
-Tyler Trout is still looking for his script.
-College football kicks off this week. Can’t wait! It’s that time of year again.
-NBA should still be locked out.
-If you have a garage door I recommend driving through it one day.
-My son broke his arm at football practice today. Now he is a player.
-Neal Tull. He has hair like Donald Trump.

See you tomorrow. FIO.

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