The Turnaround – Offseason Cranked Up

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by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Lubbock Head Coach Jason Strunk. Photo courtesy of

Lubbock Head Coach Jason Strunk.
Photo courtesy of

Unless you are coming off a state championship title, the season didn’t end the way you wanted it to. That can lead to some doom and gloom in the early part of January once you get your full offseason program started.

For me though, it means it’s time to get rolling. 2015 is fast approaching and I am excited about it. We are doing spring ball this year and that makes the offseason even more exciting. We have something to break up the time between the offseason and the start of August practice.

Right now, we have no time to dwell on what went wrong in 2014. It’s time to crank it up and get rolling. We are doing a bunch of different things with our program this offseason. Trying to mix it up and add a few new wrinkles. This keeps things fresh for the kids and the staff.

Don’t let the early January blues get you down. The season will be here soon. The games you want to win are being won in January in the weight room. You cannot ever lose sight of that!

In our fast paced world of coaching, it’s easy to forget things. One of the things that can be over-looked is just taking a moment to let those around you know how much you appreciate what they do for you and the program. Let your guys know how much you appreciate all they do. It goes a long way.

On the flip side, as an assistant, never hesitate to throw your HC a compliment or words of encouragement. Believe it or not, the HC is human and goes through the same gamut of emotions you do. A simple word or kind gesture goes a long way.

In short, take care of each other. It’s a two way street that cannot ever be over looked.

– Never let self-doubt creep in. Stay the course. Learn from mistakes in the previous year and get better the next year.
– Don’t be afraid to try new things. Tinker and toy until you get it right. It’s a constant work in progress.
– Patriots will beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.
– I ate a raw oyster. Awesome. More yuckiness to try in 2015. Stay tuned.

It’s all I got for now. Keep working. Keep finding solutions.

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