The Turnaround – Spring Ball Recap

So, I’m thinking we had a great spring.

What reason do I have to sugarcoat anything? I tell it how it is, and if you know me, you know that is how I am. So if I say we had a great spring, we did. End of story. I’m not here to make stuff up. Wrong blog to read if you want some made up fairytale garbage.

I have done spring ball in different places. At Plant City High School in Florida, we had some good spring sessions, but the progress there wasn’t what we just accomplished here. Coming off a season in which we lost thirteen starters to injury, this spring period was important. Well, we knocked it out of the park.

The Westerners got a heck of a lot better. Yeah, I’m excited. I have been doing this a long time. I know what I see. It’s all here. It’s in place. Time to put it all together.

Wow! Dae Dae Morgan was impressive. Martin Pedroza was impressive. What a great problem to have. This is the first time we have QB’s returning with experience. What a luxury. They did one heck of job.

Sean Fiveash and Colbey Anderson put on a hitting show all spring. Good grief. It may have been the most physical I have seen anyone in a Westerner helmet since I got here. These two brought the wood every day. Gives me goosebumps.

Tarango, Banda, Puente, Rios, Townsend, Collins, Ty Doss, McKenzie. Just to name a few. Keep an eye on those names. They will be heard from — tremendous spring for all those guys.

The big boys up front kicked some tail. Best group we have had, bar-none. They can move people. It’s exciting to think about it.

Again, a luxury we have is a kicker that can bang it through from 50 yards. Check that off. We have it. Logan Huber had a great spring. Scary thing is, he keeps getting better. Jackson, the kicker with one name, also did a great job. Hitting from close to 40 yards out. He has only been kicking for 10 days. Wow. Maybe we are becoming Kicking U.?

This program has the best chemistry we have ever had. From the coaching staff to the players, the chemistry is here. These kids like being around each other. The coaching staff enjoys coming to work every day. We have this thing in good position right now!!

-The new defense was installed and we saw some great results. Coach Jephcott did a great job.
-New offense is in. Coach Tull and Coach Mauldin had it rolling.
-I tell it how it is. I enjoy that.
-I’m fighting mad about last season and we are going to come out swinging.
-Yankees season has officially unraveled. Time to start watching the Bad News Bears every night.
-Hockey is a tough sport. So is football. Wrestling, too. If you aren’t on this list, get tougher. Then I will mention you.
-I didn’t realize that LeBron guy was back in Cleveland. Thought he was with the Heat? You miss a lot when you have a life.
-I do not like black licorice.
-I bought a bridge yesterday.
-When do the NBA playoffs end? Please have mercy on my soul. It’s brutal.
-Tyler Lloyd lifts weights.
-Neal Tull eats poached raccoon eggs for breakfast.
-Nate Gensler received his hair implants.
-Justin Wieller could never beat me on the wrestling mats.
-I used to sell raincoats in Battery Park.

That’s it. FIO.

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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