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I look at football coaches as people who are always on the cutting edge of their profession and industry. It’s fast paced and the lifestyle is furious. We are always on the go. This is why I always get excited when a company unveils a new product that can make our lives a little less stressful — enter Krossover.

Krossover is a new company that is specializing in film breakdown and we have hopped on-board, because their technology will make the lives of all of us in the business easy, but more importantly, improve how we prepare for opponents. Here’s the skinny, you send them your game film and they will go through and label all of your cut-ups. It is a simple process that will help alleviate hours worth of time spent by your assistant coaches. Imagine that? You can spend more time coaching instead of labeling your game film! It’s ingenuous.

We went with the “Dynasty” package for $2,499 for the season. With it, Krossover offers us 24/7 technical support. I feel that is a small amount of money to pay for a great service. Also, in my estimation that Krossover will help save close to $10,000 in manpower. Coaches who get paid to coach will actually get to coach while Krossover breaks-down all of our game film.

In addition to technical support, they offer the following services with our package:

-labeling down and distance
-hash mark tendencies
-run, pass labeling
-minus yard line labeling
-hit charts

And, much much more.

Do not worry coaches, Krossover does not develop your game plan for you. They merely help you develop your game plan by breaking down all the tendencies you search for when labeling film. This is going to save us hours worth of manpower per week. Seriously, I’m so excited about this product that I needed to write about it in The Turnaround. After three years of writing this blog, you know I only write about what I believe in.

Overall, Krossover is a dynamic company offering a great service. As coaches, our time is very valuable. Any way we can save time and spend more time coaching is a win for me. I know for a fact we will utilize this at Lubbock High to its fullest potential. We are a program that expects to make the playoffs. I feel confident that Krossover can help us get there by helping us off the field!

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Footall Coach
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Jeff Fisher’s Editor’s Note: Krossover Intelligence has a partnership with High School Football America, however, the opinions expressed by Coach Strunk about Krossover are his own.  If you’d like a free five minute demo from Krossover, click here.


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