The Turnaround – The Best of Nitram (Martin)

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Brandt Martin

Brandt Martin…A.K.A. Nitram…that’s Martin spelled backwards.

Well, this day was going to come eventually.

When you build a program the way Brandt Martin built our soccer program, other opportunities are going to come. Tascosa High School, located in Amarillo, has landed the best soccer coach I have ever had. Martin, otherwise known as Nitram (Martin spelled backwards for those of you that didn’t get it), will return to his alma mater at the end of the year, thus ending the most successful stint in LHS men’s soccer history.

Nitram did an outstanding job. He took our soccer program to new heights. Also, he revamped our entire kicking game for the football team. With his help, the Westerners had multiple first team all-district selections in the kicking department. What a tremendous job he has done!

Off the field you will not find a better guy. He fit-in just like and old shoe, quickly acclimating himself to the staff. There was just a comfortable feeling having Nitram around. He quickly became known as our staff funny man. Nobody was spared — I even became the brunt of his jokes in the office and on Twitter.

So here is a farewell to Nitram, a bit of a roast for a great guy!

Nitram Top 10

10. Taking the field for practice Nitram resembles John Candy from the movie Summer Rental.

John Candy

Nitram has a striking resemblance to the late John Candy in Summer Rental (1985)

9. Every new staff member I hired, Nitram took upon himself to “bully”. He would rudely greet them, often trying to “intimidate” them with “Hey, I’m Nitram. Why you here”?

8. Nitram always asked inappropriate questions at the wrong time. It’s a beautiful gift he has.

7. Anytime we we found throwback uniforms or cheerleading outfits, Nitram tried them on. Good grief. He looked like an overstuffed burrito in those things!

Lubbock football's resident "funny man" Brandt Martin A.K.A. Nitram.

Lubbock football’s resident “funny man” Brandt Martin A.K.A. Nitram.

6. I still don’t think Nitram has his CDL. It’s only been three years of trying.

5. He has Donald Duck arm floaties that he uses when swimming at my house.

4. He had a hard time counting 11 guys on KOC. One game he had 12, then 10, then 12 and finally we finished with 10. We never got to 11 on that particular KOC. His rear end is still laying on the sideline at PCP!

3. He once told our kicker to kick the ball through the up-rights on a clear onside kick situation. Nitram then turned and pumped up the crowd, only to pull his hamstring and fall flat on his face.

2. Nitram strikes a clear resemblance Meathead from All in the Family! Let the picture speak for itself!

Brandt Martin All in the Family look-a-like

1. The old Westerner helmet. Every picture we took or every chance Nitram had, the helmet was on. It was priceless. Again, let the pictures speak for themselves.

Brandt Martin

It was a good run, Nitram! Thanks for all you did and brought to our program!

So long'll be missed!

So long Nitram…you’ll be missed!


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