The Turnaround: Thursday, a Prelude to Friday

Lubbock football helmet

I love Texas. Seriously, there is no state that does it quite like the Lone Star State. A Thursday jam packed with football is a great prelude to Friday night lights.

Thursday’s are our JV/Freshmen game days. We hosted a triple header at Chapman, with teams from Canyon and Andrews making a two-hour trip from opposite directions to play the Westerners. It’s lots of fun see the bleachers full and our young guys playing on a sun splashed field.

I’m sure other states do things great too. But, there is just something about Texas that makes it special. It’s THEE state. Football is it. A tripleheader? Wow! You gotta love it! Thursday helps get your blood boiling for Friday football action.

I hosted a team meeting today in the locker room. It was just me and the team. I do this periodically. I try to pick my spots with it. The purpose is to just chat, share info and gauge the pulse of the team.

I preach openness. I want my guys to be open with me, so I allow them to tell me what they are feeling, thinking and seeing. I won’t let you speak unless you lay it all out on the table. It is great. The kids enjoy it. From this day forward we all have a new understanding of each other.

I learned a lot today just by talking to my team. You can too. It’s s worthy investment.

We needed a bounce back day today and we got it!

The attitude was great. The effort was good. We had a sharp mental focus. Tomorrow, we practice one more time and hit the road for Andrews. We need to have a good practice before we leave. Let’s loosen things up and let it rip!


-I don’t like the color red.
-I met a guy today. His name was Lloyd. He was from the Banana Republic. Never heard of the place.
-Tyler Lloyd is getting flabby.
-How awful are the Buccaneers going to be this season? I imagine they will be pretty crabby in Tampa.
-Selanne’s Steakhouse in Laguna Beach is the best. Just as ask Jeff and Trish.
-People need to relax, especially coaches.
-Exercise is the key to a healthy mind. Make sure you work out and treat your body
-Hoping Purdue turns the corner this year and goes bowling. Boilerup!
-Nate Jephcott is a ballet instructor in his spare time.
-Tyler Trout still can’t find his script.

That is all she wrote. Tomorrow is game day! Let’s get it!


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