The Turnaround: Tomorrow

Lubbock footballLubbock coaches Neal Tull and David Moody working with the Westerners on Wednesday.
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by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Today…. Well, how bout this: we are going to talk about tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the Westerners are going to hit the field with passion, energy and effort.  We are going to kick

Lubbock football

Lubbock Westerners doing some one-on-one work on Wednesday in preparation for Lubbock Cooper.

things off with the good ole Okie Drill.  Yes, the day before a game we are going to go out and hit.  Get physical.  Get crazy.  We are going to be the Westerners tomorrow.  The 2016 version that has battled, scrapped, fought and clawed for five games.

Tomorrow, as Cameron Criado reminded me, is a new day.  We control we.  We will knock tomorrow out of the park and get ready for Friday.

That’s all I have to say on this issue…tomorrow…that is it.


Lubbock football

Lubbock HS captain Blake Robbins awaits a punt during special teams workout.

A great football team has leaders that emerge in times of need.  The coaches can only carry the team so much, in regards to leadership.  Sometimes, it needs to come within.

After practice today, I saw some good things.  I think they answered my challenge and took it to heart. Not many teams would stay on the field and practice on their own.

Leaders rise to the top.  Leaders come to the forefront.  With five district games ahead of us, we need our leaders to carry us.

Today, after practice, was a step in the right direction.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Mental Health Tip

Stay on an even keel, even in the face of an off day.  You cannot go overboard.  You cannot overreact. Crap happens, as the saying goes.  Right the ship and get back at it tomorrow. It’s not the end of the world.  Tomorrow will come.


-You cannot be afraid to succeed.  You cannot be afraid to fail.  You cannot be afraid to win two games in a row.  You need to be fearless.

-If you cannot fearlessly attack a football practice, how can you make it through life?  Life is much more difficult than football.

-Good teams bounce back in the face of adversity.  Bad teams wallow in mediocrity and fold.  The Westerners are a good team.

-Sometimes it takes one person to get pissed off to ignite the masses.  This can be a good thing.

-Football is fun.  You should treat it as such.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!


No More Fumbles

Play Football

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