The Turnaround – Week 1, Tuesday

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Lubbock locker room

Lubbock HS locker room is loose as season opener gets closer.

Tempo. It’s the name of the game. Practice needs tempo and we had it today. Pushed it all practice long. It’s how you do it. We are conditioned. We are strong. The team is resilient. Relentless in their pursuit to flip this program and all of its misfortunes. The hell is answered every practice. If you want to get juiced, come to one of our practices.

A couple guys stood out to me today. LB Steven Duke. He was bringing it. WR Devontae Greathoue caught everything thrown his way. Alex Loredo, another WR, goes one speed: full. Offensive tackle Jesse Molinar continues to be tough as nails and pushes the limits every day.

It was a great practice today. Two more days until we kick it off!Lubbock WR Jordan High

This is a necessity. We have done a tremendous job getting the players into the shape they need to be in. So far, in two scrimmages, we have definitely been the ones pushing the tempo. You need to condition your players. I feel this is one of our strengths. We have made it a priority.

Also, we have not had a single cramp throughout practices and two scrimmages. Lets keep that rolling!

Sweetwater is a two hour trip. Honestly, this is a quick trip for us this year. As Greg Lee (my friend from Monterey) pointed out, we have over 1,500 travel miles this year. The charter buses are going to get a workout! Bring it on. Playoff teams need to know how to travel.

– Coaching football isn’t a job; it’s a way of life and I love it!
– I poked myself in the eye today while trying to swat a fly.
– You are either coaching it or allowing it to happen; know which side of the fence you are on with this statement.
– High School Football America is the best high school football site in the United States. Go ahead, argue with me. You will lose.
– I don’t like topping on cheesecake. It’s made to be eaten plain.

That’s it!! Day over! FIO… Until tomorrow!







Lubbock HS special teams coach Jinks White.

Lubbock HS special teams coach Jinks White.

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