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Get Better QB Play With These Tips From The Quarterback Whisperer,

Todd Dodge is known as the quarterback whisperer in the state of Texas.  In addition to playing quarterback for the Texas Longhorns in college, he’s coached quarterbacks like Chase Daniel (Philadelphia Eagles), Greg McElroy (New York Jets), Chase Wasson (Texas State/Oklahoma), as well as his own son, Riley Dodge (North Texas/McNeese State). He currently coaches one of the top dual-threat quarterback in the state in Sam Ehlinger (University of Texas commit), at his current school Austin Westlake.

Dodge hosts a quarterback school in February and May for high schoolers and middle schoolers in the Westlake QB system. It is designed as a development tool for those serious about the QB position, as Dodge works to limit the amount of QB’s in the system by the time someone has reached 10th grade. We’ll look today at one of those days of QB school, where the theme is coverage rotation, and some drills associated with it.

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At Westlake, we use the words spin and cloud to identify the coverage. These words will always equal a one high safety on the snap.

Spin Strong- Strong safety coming down

Spin Weak- Free safety coming down

Cloud Strong- Strong Safety comes over the top of the cornerback

Cloud Weak- Free Safety comes over the top of the cornerback

Here’s a quick example of effective coverage reading:


Todd Dodge


Vertical Shuffle

Todd Dodge

This drill is to primarily help with your footwork in the pocket.

Walk Away Easy (Set, Reset)

todd dodge


This drill is accuracy focused. We are looking for the quarterback to maintain accuracy while constantly setting and resetting.

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