All-Time High School Football Wins heading into 2021

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There’s a tightening at the top of America’s all-time high school football wins list.

Louisville’s Male High School is now within 15 wins of No. 1 Valdosta (Georgia) after the Georgia school was forced to forfeit seven 2020 wins after using ineligible players. The Bulldogs, who won eight games in the fall and finished runner-up in Kentucky 6A classification, now own 914 all-time victories, which puts them second on the all-time list behind Valdosta’s 929 wins.

Massillon Washington, runner-up in Ohio Division II, won its 900th game in 2020, plus cut into Valdosta’s lead by 10 victories. The Tigers, who finished No. 48 in the 2020-21 High School Football America 100 national rankings, have now won 909 games since playing their first game in 1894.

The below list is based on the National Federation of High School State Associations Record Book combined with the results we found from the 2020-21 high school season. And, before everyone gets up-in-arms about the list, we do recognize that their are other sources that have different win totals. We’ll address that below the NFHS Top 50.

Two other Kentucky teams round-out the Top 5. Mayfield sits at No. 4 with 908 victories and Ft. Thomas Highlands is No. 5 overall with 906 W’s.

Pennsylvania has the most teams in the Top 50. The Keystone State has eleven teams on the all-time high school football wins list, followed by Kentucky with ten.

High School Football All-Time Wins

School/StateWinsAll-Time Record1st Year of Football
No. 1 Valdosta (Georgia)929929-245-341913
No. 2 Male (Louisville, Kentucky)914914-332-491893
No. 3 Washington (Massillon, Ohio)909909-294-361894
No. 4 Mayfield (Kentucky)908908-260-321919
No 5 Highlands (Ft. Thomas, Kentucky)906906-251-261915
No. 6 (tied) Mount Carmel (Pennsylvania)868868-333-591895
No. 6 (tied) Muskegon (Michigan)868868-282-431895
No. 8 Easton (Pennsylvania)857857-366-541894
No. 9 Canton McKinley (Ohio)852852-361-421894
No. 10 Parkersburg (West Virginia)838838-335-331906
No. 11 Everett (Massachusetts)834834-3771893
No. 12 Steubenville (Ohio)827827-325-361900
No. 13 Berwick (Pennsylvania)826826-345-431888
No. 14 Hampton (Virginia)824824-276-431920
No. 15 (tied) Lawton (Oklahoma)814814-364-341902
No. 15 (tied) Clinton (Oklahoma)814814-295-381919
No. 17 Haynesville (Louisiana)808808-187-221907
No. 18 (tied) Brockton (Massachusetts)806806-347-641897
No. 18 (tied) Pine Bluff (Arkansas)806806-355-55)1901
No. 20 Dobyns-Bennett (Kingsport, Tennessee)805805-255-281921
No. 21 (tied) Washington (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)802802-340-381899
No. 21 (tied) Bakersfield (California)801801-277-431897
No. 23 East St. Louis (Illinois) 799799-205-361925
No. 24 (tied) Little Rock Central (Arkansas)797797-359-251907
No. 24 (tied) Paducah Tilghman (Kentucky)797797-343-251904
No. 24 (tied) Steelton-Highspire (Pennsylvania)797797-446-611894
No. 27 Danville (Kentucky)792792-259-341924
No. 28 St. Xavier (Louisville, Kentucky)783783-309-201917
No. 29 New Britain (Connecticut)782782-354-511892
No. 30 Owenboro (Kentucky)771771-388-301893
No. 31 Jeannette (Pennsylvania)767767-320-481900
No. 32 Lawrence (Kansas)761761-304-381891
No. 33 Amarillo (Texas)750750-328-191920
No. 34 Temple (Texas)753753-378-511907
No. 35 New Castle (Pennsylvania)747747-410-691892
No. 36 (tied) Pioneer (Ann Arbor, Michigan)736736-453-381891
No. 36 (tied) Thomasville (Georgia)736736-351-461910
No. 38 Arcola (Illinois)733733-344-401894
No. 39 Baylor School (Tennessee)733733-327-391908
No. 40 Williamsport (Pennsylvania)723723-483-551892
No. 41 (tied) Bowling Green (Kentucky)721721-343-351922
No. 41 (tied) Creighton Prep (Nebraska)721721-236-231893
No. 43 (tied) Ashland Blazer (Kentucky)719719-405-411900
No. 43 (tied) Seminole (Oklahoma)719719-370-341912
No. 45 Martins Ferry (Ohio)717717-385-361907
 No. 46 Somerset (Kentucky)716716-409-431907
No. 47 Philadelphia Central (Pennsylvania)709709-441-611887
No. 48 Dover (Ohio)708708-371-441896
No. 49 William Penn Charter (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)707707-373-531887
No. 50 (tied) Huntingdon (Pennsylvania)703703-386-391907
No. 50 (tied) Pottsville (Pennsylvania)703703-531-461893
List is based on the National Federation of High School State Associations record book combined with the results from the 2020-21 high school season

Now, time to address teams that aren’t in the NFHS Record Book, but have significant win totals, according to reputable sources.

Let’s go to Texas where Joe Lee Smith has a website called Texas High School Football History. The website actually lists 18 teams in the 700-Win Club, led by Highland Park with 854 wins. It should be noted that the NFHS website’s highest ranked Texas team is Amarillo High with 750 victories.

According to Texas High School Football History, Amarillo is No. 2 in the state with 799 wins heading into 2021.

Texas High School Football Wins via Texas High School Football History

No. 1 Highland Park – 854 wins

No. 2 Amarillo – 799 wins

No. 3 Mart – 791 wins

No. 4 Temple – 784 wins

No. 5 Plano – 773 wins

No. 6. Bronwood – 754 wins

No. 7 Refugio – 749 wins

No. 8 Longview 746 wins

No. 9 (tied) Cameron Yoe – 737 wins

No. 9 (tied) Cuero – 737 wins

Football Friday Night is another source with several teams not listed in the NFHS Record Book. Below is FFN list through the 2019 season.

Football Friday Night through 2019

All-TimeSchoolStateRecord (’19)Win%
1ValdostaGA936-238-34 (10-3-0)78.891
2LOUISVILLE MALE TRADITIONALKY906-330-49 (14-1-0)72.412
3MAYFIELDKY901-258-32 (13-2-0)76.994
3HIGHLANDSKY901-245-26 (6-5-0)77.986
5MASSILLON WASHINGTONOH899-292-36 (14-1-0)74.735
6MOUNT CARMEL AREAPA862-325-57 (10-3-0)71.584
7MUSKEGONMI858-281-43 (13-1-0)74.408
8EASTON AREA HSPA853-364-52 (8-5-0)69.267
9HAMPTONVA847-280-45 (8-4-0)74.189
10CANTON MCKINLEYOH846-358-42 (9-3-0)69.583
11HAYNESVILLE JR./SR.LA828-299-34 (6-5-0)72.782
11EVERETTMA828-378-79 (9-3-0)67.510
13SummervilleSC827-233-25 (8-4-0)77.373
14ANSONIACT825-239-57 (11-1-0)76.137
14BERWICKPA825-335-43 (9-3-0)70.366
16SHELBYNC822-312-50 (14-1-0)71.537
16STEUBENVILLEOH822-317-34 (6-4-0)71.526
18CLINTON HSOK815-294-37 (6-5-0)72.731
19PARKERSBURGWV814-333-33 (5-6-0)70.381
20BrocktonMA812-399-64 (5-6-0)66.196
20MaryvilleTN812-221-34 (15-0-0)77.694
22PINE BLUFFAR810-353-54 (4-8-0)68.776
22LITTLE ROCK CENTRALAR810-374-49 (6-5-0)67.680
24ADA HSOK805-341-24 (4-5-0)69.829
25LONG BEACH POLYCA801-331-52 (8-4-0)69.848
26NASHVILLEAR797-336-29 (11-2-0)69.836
27Dobyns-BennettTN796-252-28 (10-3-0)75.279
28BAKERSFIELDCA795-279-43 (6-6-0)73.098
28EAST ST LOUIS SENIORIL795-204-36 (14-0-0)78.551
30PADUCAH TILGHMANKY794-340-25 (8-5-0)69.586
30LEOMINSTER SENIORMA794-420-64 (5-7-0)64.632
32AMARILLO H STX792-354-22 (9-3-0)68.750
33DANVILLEKY789-262-34 (3-7-0)74.286
34STEELTON-SPIRE HSPA787-440-58 (8-3-0)63.502
35LAWTON HSOK786-343-34 (5-5-0)69.046
36BOOKER T. WASHINGTON HSOK785-235-30 (7-5-0)76.190
37GaffneySC782-350-32 (10-4-0)68.557
37NEW BRITAINCT782-354-51 (3-7-0)68.029
39HARLAN COMMUNITYIA780-296-43 (7-3-0)71.626
40MART H STX778-351-42 (13-3-0)68.232
41ST XAVIERKY777-306-20 (8-5-0)71.351
42TEMPLE H STX769-356-52 (9-3-0)67.545
42CHICAGO MT CARMELIL769-246-31 (14-0-0)75.000
44REIDSVILLENC768-319-38 (15-1-0)69.956
45NEVILLELA766-256-20 (10-3-0)74.472
45PLANO SR H STX766-360-47 (5-5-0)67.306
47LaGrangeGA765-372-41 (2-8-0)66.681
48MONTGOMERY BELLTN763-349-46 (8-5-0)67.876
49OWENSBOROKY760-387-30 (12-2-0)65.845
49JEANNETTEPA760-320-48 (9-2-0)69.504
51HIGHLAND PARKTX759-317-27 (5-6-0)70.036
52Lincoln CountyGA757-276-24 (9-3-0)72.753
53Lake ViewSC755-262-16 (10-5-0)73.863
54LAWRENCEKS752-304-38 (8-2-0)70.475
55GainesvilleGA746-314-23 (5-6-0)69.945
56RockhurstMO745-248-34 (7-4-0)74.197
57NEW CASTLEPA743-410-69 (6-5-0)63.625
58Clarke CentralGA739-328-26 (9-4-0)68.801
58ALIQUIPPAPA739-320-42 (11-2-0)69.028
60MOUNT AIRYNC738-324-34 (8-4-0)68.887
60REFUGIOTX738-271-31 (16-0-0)72.452
60CATHEDRALIN738-293-19 (9-3-0)71.190
63MARQUETTEWI736-267-32 (9-5-0)72.657
64LONGVIEW H STX734-344-53 (11-1-0)67.241
65JENKS HSOK733-263-29 (8-5-0)72.927
66CUERO H STX730-373-37 (3-7-0)65.658
67TUSCOLAIL729-332-43 (8-3-0)67.980
68BOONEVILLEAR728-335-35 (8-3-0)67.896
68ARCOLAIL728-342-40 (10-3-0)67.387
70PioneerMI727-339-41 (5-5-0)67.525
71ThomasvilleGA726-350-46 (9-5-0)66.756
71SAINT LOUISHI726-262-38 (12-1-0)72.612
73JESUIT NEW ORLEANSLA725-353-34 (7-5-0)66.727
73BAYLOR SCHOOLTN725-327-39 (9-2-0)68.240
75WASHINGTON HI SCHSD724-323-28 (5-7-0)68.651
76COATESVILLE AREAPA723-409-49 (10-3-0)63.294
76BROWNWOOD H STX723-375-21 (11-2-0)65.550
76YOETX723-356-41 (11-2-0)66.384
79MERIDIANMS722-315-43 (2-10-0)68.843
79THOMAS-FAY-CUSTER UNIFIED HSOK722-196-11 (9-5-0)78.310
81CREIGHTON PREPNE721-227-23 (6-4-0)75.438
82MaristGA720-338-38 (11-2-0)67.427
83ALCOATN719-284-21 (14-1-0)71.240
83CORSICANA HIGH SCHOOLTX719-402-43 (7-4-0)63.617
85WILLIAMSPORT AREAPA717-491-55 (3-8-0)58.947
86WYOMINGOH716-201-48 (13-1-0)76.684
87North MedfordOR714-294-34 (8-4-0)70.154
88MARTINS FERRYOH713-381-36 (6-4-0)64.690
88WHITEHAVENTN713-279-18 (10-2-0)71.485
90BOWLING GREENKY711-341-35 (9-4-0)67.019
90WASHINGTON HSPA711-369-56 (13-1-0)65.053
92SEMINOLE JR-SR HSOK709-369-32 (5-5-0)65.315
92PHIL CENTRALPA709-441-62 (1-11-0)61.056
94WILMETTE LOYOLAIL708-361-42 (8-4-0)65.617
94ASHLAND BLAZERKY708-405-41 (10-3-0)63.128
94ST IGNATIUSOH708-315-32 (5-5-0)68.626
97JOHN TYLER H STX707-388-41 (3-8-0)64.040
97EVANSVILLE REITZIN707-284-29 (3-7-0)70.735
99LUFKIN H STX706-353-37 (9-2-0)66.104
100CartersvilleGA705-321-23 (12-1-0)68.303

Finally, another respected source is from the late Dr. Roger B Saylor, who did extensive research on New Jersey and Pennsylvania high school football teams that resulted in additional wins that aren’t included on the NFHS list.

If you see any discrepancies, please feel free to email us.

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