The Turnaround: Abilene Cooper Bounce Back

The Turnaround

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Abilene Cooper Wrap-up

LHS traveled to Shotwell Stadium on Friday night to face the Abilene Cooper Cougars.  We lost 69-0. That’s about all have to report on that.  Good talk!

The Bounce Back

Saturday morning came and the Westerners were back to work.  We did some light running and stretching.  It was good to have the guys back in the morning and to see them.  You always want to make sure they are good to go.  This group certainly was.

It isn’t easy to admit when you get completely dominated and shredded, but our guys flat-out admitted it, which is a good thing.  The coaches admitted it to…so there is nothing to do but move forward.

By Saturday afternoon we were on to Coronado, our opponent this week.  The Abilene game is behind us…forever!

We have two games left and still control our own destiny, regarding the playoffs.  So, it’s time to rally together and fight the next two weeks! Let’s make this happen!

I have a resilient bunch of kids. They will be ready this week!

Jumping The Shark

Happy Days was a great TV show, but every great TV show gets to the point where there is nothing else left to accomplish (except for Seinfeld).  So when the Fonz jumped a shark in an episode of Happy Days, people proclaimed that’s the end of the show.  It has become known as Jumping The Shark, basically saying this has run its course.

So on Saturday night I was watching a plethora of sports.  I was watching the Cubs and checking on the Penn St./Ohio St. game.  Once the Cubs clinched, I strictly watched the PSU/OSU game.  What a great game.  All three phases of the game were on display!  It was exciting , entertaining and we saw an underdog pull off the upset! The best thing about this game was the score: 24-21.

In today’s day and age, 24-21 would be dubbed a snooze fest by fans who know nothing about our sport.  Yes, the game of football should encompass all three phases: offense, defense and special teams. The PSU/OSU game had it all.  It was a complete game.  What a great change of pace.  The game was electric.

Once that game was over I turned on TTU/OU.  All I saw on display was offense.  No tackling.  No coverage.  No big hits.  I watched a video game on live TV.  How riveting.  There was nothing exciting about 66-59.  All it came down to was who was going to have the ball last.  What in the hell is thrilling about that?

So for me, college football and its fast-paced, no defense garbage has Jumped The Shark.  I’m not tuning into it anymore.  I will go rake leaves, watch another sport or YouTube old games to watch in its place.

It was fun when Boise Stat was breaking out and pulling upsets.  Take any example like that.  That was fun, but these basketball scores are for the birds.  High-scoring has become a snooze fest for me.

Yeah, college football, well most of you, have officially Jumped The Shark.  And I hate to say that.


-It seems like hatred and vitriol fueled a QB this weekend.  His performance would suggest that.

-I hope the NHL never goes fast-paced.  I wouldn’t be able to handle 15-14 NHL games.

-Maybe I am just an old school defensive guy?  I am.  But, I am also a fan of solid football involving all three phases.  How exciting is it to go out to dinner and only get an appetizer and soup.  You want the whole damn meal, don’t you?  Well maybe college football fans today wouldn’t want that since they don’t seem to care about defense.

-Someone asked me what the biggest difference was between coaching high school football and college football.  Answer: college football coaches recruit and pick their players.

-That RB from LSU is impressive!  He is fun to watch.

-The best college football player in America resides in Lubbock, Texas.  It is Pat Mahomes. And it isn’t even close this year.

Well, have a great week. I know I will!


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