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The Turnaround
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It’s been a long week for South Texas. It’s been a week I could not fathom going through. Every time you see the news or go through your timeline on Twitter, there is more devastation to see. The water keeps rising and it looks like there is no end in sight. It’s tough to watch. You feel for those people because you have compassion and you know that could easily be you one day. It’s just really tough to see and it hits close to home.

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I do know this: South Texas will bounce back. There is no doubt about it. They will get through this. Texas is a great state. I love living here. Texans love their state and their fellow citizens. Everyone will rally together and pull our brothers and sisters south of us out of this mess.

America can learn a lot from how Texas rallies around each other and unites. It’s awesome to see. Makes me proud to call Texas my home!

This is a football blog, yes. But sometimes the sport needs to take a backseat. There are things going on right now that are bigger than the game I love and coach. I feel guilty sitting here even thinking about football, knowing what people in Houston and the surrounding areas are going through. I wish I could head that way and help anyway I can.

We may be busy with our football season, but you need to stay in touch with what is going on in the world around you. A person must keep their perspective and know there are things going on around you that are bigger than you and your own problems. Stay grounded; stay in touch with reality. It’s a good way to live your life.

We will continue to march forward with the football season while also continuing to care and comfort our fellow citizens in Texas.


Opening game is this Friday. We are excited for it. I will expand upon this topic tomorrow with a great story about Seminole HC Kent Jackson and his family. Everyone knows we have a close relationship. The Jackson’s are like family to us. This always
makes for a fun week.


-I saw a man (on TV) on a jet ski pull into a persons house in Houston and rescue someone inside. Awesome!

-I saw police (on TV) rescuing children from homes with high flood waters surrounding them. Awesome!

-I saw people (TV) with boats rolling into Texas to help out. Awesome!

-We passed a string of 13 state police cars, in convoy, heading from West Texas to
South Texas to help out. Awesome!

-I saw (on TV) people rescuing animals from the roof tops of cars. Awesome!

-I can go on and on. Bottom line is this: in an awful time, for a lot of people, we
are witnessing AWESOME things. Awesome acts of kindness, selflessness and heroism.

Wake up tomorrow and be awesome.

Texas has FIO’ed how to be awesome and I love it!

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by Jason Strunk
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