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That’s a wrap

Well, Wednesday officially signaled the end of fall camp, 2017. Sure, we have today to practice, but it’s basically a walk-through and should last around 45 minutes. I’m not counting that one. So, yesterday officially marked the end of camp for us.

It’s usually bittersweet on this day. You were excited to get going and we have had a great camp. On the flip side, it goes by so fast you don’t get a chance to enjoy it. And this senior class has been phenomenal. I reminded them during dynamic warm-up what Wednesday signified and I think it kind of slapped them in the face. They realized it has gone by in a blink. Not just camp, but their last three years. So when I told them this was their last full practice of camp, forever, it sunk in for them.

My message all camp has been take nothing for granted. I remind them daily how fast things pass by and they better enjoy every moment. They are listening. You can see it and you can feel it.

This Westerner crew has a different vibe about itself. They want to achieve a lot
and they aren’t just talking about it. They are working for it.

Keep it going!

Two More Captains

Wednesday, I named two more captains. Kwami Wilborn and Milam Mayfield were both tabbed to lead us. These guys are very deserving of it. They are the type of leaders we need. They each bring a different element to the table.

Milam is a senior linebacker who is loose and has a great personality. He is also a darn good linebacker. He has the qualities I want. A factor for me, which I went back to during his selection process, was our opening game last year against Seminole. Milam got hurt and tried to tough it out. He came to me on the sideline in tears and said he couldn’t go, but wished he could for his team. That stuck with me for the past year.

Kwami is our QB and has good leadership qualities. He has taken charge of the huddle this year and is letting everyone know he is all about business. I demand a lot from him and he never comes up short.

I have three more to name and I am doing so today. Today’s revelation will be
out of the ordinary as well. A new approach to name the last three. Should be fun!

One Shot

Here is some factual knowledge for everyone reading this: you have exactly one
opportunity to live life. One and done. That’s it. I plan on making the most of my
time on this planet. I am taking nothing for granted and I am certainly not going to
wake-up each and every day angry at the world. Yes, everyone has a choice, so if you choose to be miserable that is on you. Good luck. Wish you well.

You see, I wake up every day with one thought: what do I need to get done today? I focus on what my family needs, what my job calls for and what do the kids in my
program need me to do for them. That’s it. That’s how I go about each day. I don’t
have time to worry about anything. I don’t have time to whine about the prices at
the gas pump. I don’t have time to go rip down statues. I don’t have time to be
offended by which announcer is calling a game for ESPN.

I don’t have time for this because I am busy living my life and doing what I want to
do. I don’t have time for nonsense because I am busy living! Take nothing for
granted and respect the fact that you only live once. Make the most of it. It really
isn’t that hard.

I will end this with a quote from my favorite movie, The Shawshank Redemption: “Get busy living or get busy dying.” I know which one I’m going with.


-Jeff Fisher, owner of High School Football America, was pulled from an upcoming
football telecast in L.A. Why? It was too much for the area to bear because of how
the Jeff Fisher era of the Rams went. Much too soon for the name Jeff Fisher to
appear. Jeff will have to wait 152 years before he can do a game in L.A…. Oh,
wait. On second thought…

-Complete sarcasm in the paragraph above. But really? See how ridiculous it seems?

-The Yankees won again tonight. 11 games over .500. Solid Wild Card lead. Love this time of year in baseball.

-That Rory guy was hitting golf balls at Yankee Stadium yesterday. My invite must
have been lost in the mail.

-Top 5 movies that I can watch at anytime: 1. Shawshank. 2. Top Gun. 3. Side Out. 4. Iron Eagle. 5 Miracle.

-1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team is STILL the best sports moment in our history.

-Preseason NFL games are brutal to watch. Good to pass some time but just brutal. Empty stadiums. Bad football. Pass!

-Patriots win the Super Bowl again this year (I have been a Steelers fan since 1978).

-Football buzzwords wear me out.

That’s it.

Until next time…FIO.

The Turnaround Jason Strunk

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by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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