The Turnaround: Coronado Week Wrap

The Turnaround

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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The Westerners wrapped up the week today with a walk through and some film work.  We have one more walk through tomorrow before we kickoff at 7:30pm against Coronado.

Overall, it was a good week.  Lots of new things installed.  We had a good approach to practice this week, especially considering how last Friday went.  We have done what we needed to do this week to be ready.

Tomorrow night we lay it all on the line.  We have two shots to get in the playoffs. Tomorrow night is the first one.  Leave all your fears behind.  Show up ready to go. We have nothing to lose.  Everything to gain.

Be you tomorrow, Westerners.

Big Wins

Tonight our Freshmen and JV teams won their games against Coronado.

The Freshmen won 24-8 while the JV won 21-14.

Every win matters.  When you are rebuilding, especially when it’s been a tough 40-year stretch, every win matters.  Every little piece is a building block.  Tonight we laid some great building blocks!

Great job, fellas!


-Our society is amazing. It’s astonishing what people in the media and society decide to give a free pass to.  Double standard is always in play. Persecute who you want; exonerate who you choose.  It doesn’t matter who wins this election.  People are broken and that is the major issue.

-What in the world is with people using the word “savage”?  Football players on Twitter using “savage” for a good play or when someone “roasts” someone.  I got news for you all: Pat Tillman and his selflessness was savage, no quotation marks needed for the use here.  Get off the lame lingo bandwagon and use these words where they properly belong.

-Another day and another controversy for the talking heads at ESPN etc. to weigh-in on. Their shtick is really old and it has to be grating on the sports enthusiasts across the globe. Just can it.

Thoroughly agitated 24 hours before kickoff. This should be good!


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