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by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Great day in Lubbock on Tuesday.  We had nice weather and we accomplished a lot in practice.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with what I saw out of the guys today.  We are a high effort team.  We play how we practice.  That will never waiver with us.  If you see how hard we play and see the effort we exude on Friday nights, you can paint a clear picture as to what one of our practices look like.

Attitude and effort.  It’s critical in football and in life.  Tuesday, we won in both areas.

Westerner Defense

Our defense has done a good job over the first three weeks.  I have been ecstatic with their performance.

It’s starts at the top with DC Nate Gensler.  He is no nonsense and leaves no doubt to anyone on the field as to who is in charge of that defense.  David Moody, who has coached big-time college football, has done a remarkable job with our DL.  He has those guys playing at a high level.

Jose Morales has turned our inside linebackers into great run stuffers and Tyler Trout has brought our OLB’s a long way.  The front seven has been tremendous.

On the back end, Devin Kline has transformed our secondary into a solid coverage unit.  They have also been fantastic in secondary run support.

Overall, we are getting everything we need out of our defense.  Our offense has to become more productive in the next couple of weeks to help our our D.  We have put the defense in some bad spots and they have responded, but we can still get better.

This team with find a way.

Mental Health Tip

Win or lose, wake-up on Saturday morning with a fresh perspective.  It’s the start of a new week, essentially, for a football coach.  Focus on moving forward, no matter what the outcome was on Friday night.

The great thing about football is we can reset our minds each week and attack a new challenge.  It keeps your mind healthy when you have new goals and a new game plan to create each and every week.


-It’s amazing that the Yankees are in a pennant race, considering all the players they dumped on August 1st. It’s been fun to watch.

-College football is here.  It’s been an exciting two weeks so far.  Best time of the year.

-Huge difference watching college football on a Saturday and then the NFL on a Sunday.  The atmosphere is totally different.  But, all in all, football is here and it is fun to see all the teams in action again.

-Can’t wait for the day when everyone talks about the games of the day and not antics during pregame.

Neal Tull is a Spice Girl fan.

I will drop some lines tomorrow.


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