The Turnaround: Estacado Week, Wednesday

The Turnaround

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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It’s 9:17pm and I am finally sitting down.  Today was just one of those days where I
was constantly on the go.  It’s relentless at times.  Frustrating at times.  But, it’s
rewarding all the time.  Tomorrow will be a new day and I can hit the reset button.

Football was great today.  It’s the other part of my job that had me all over.  You
wish you can devote 100% of your time to just football and X’s and O’s, but that
isn’t realistic.

I feel the team had a great, energetic practice.  It’s Wednesday, so that means
Thursday is review.  I also get to review and practice on Frida,y since LHS has half-day Fridays.  I am able to steal time on Fridays and tighten things up.  It is the one
advantage we do have with the half-day Fridays.  We make the most of it.

Tomorrow is a new day.  Let’s get it tomorrow!

Make Good Decisions

Every day you wake-up you are forced with decisions.  If you need to think about it,
usually it means it is not a good decision to make.

The great thing about life is you control you. You, on your own accord, either make
yourself or break yourself.

It all comes down to the decisions you make.  You and only you.  Figure it out or you
will not succeed in football or life.


-Hard Knocks with the Rams is entertaining.

-Being healthy is fun.  And it’s good for the mind.

-I went all day without hearing about any controversy surrounding the national
anthem.  Holy crow.

-The UFC craze that has take root in the United States is bizarre.  I find it boring.
It’s overly dramatic.  It’s about as useful as professional wrestling.  I would rather
get tasered than be subjected to listening to another interview from one of those

Neal Tull puts mustard on his pancakes…and soy sauce. He is a weird dude.

That is all for today. Tomorrow will be better.


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