The Turnaround: Keep Moving Along

The Turnaround
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Lubbock head coach Jason Strunk and Lance Hogle. Photo by Tracy Strunk.

It was a tough night for LHS on Friday night, dropping our game 50-0. We didn’t do much. We just got beat in every facet in the game of football. That’s two weeks in a row. Things like this happen in sports, it isn’t anything new. You work hard all week long and get blasted on Friday night. It’s just how it goes sometimes.

The most important thing, following a loss like Friday night, is this: just keep moving along. Don’t look back and sulk about what happened. It’s done with. Move onto your next opponent. Like life, when you have setbacks you must keep pushing forward, as the world keeps on rolling. The world will not stop to feel sorry for you. Like the All American Rejects song says, Move Along, that’s what we do as Westerners.

We showed-up Saturday and got back to work. That’s how we do it. We just keep moving
along. We had a good weekend and made sure the kids were mentally ready for the new
week. We will show up Monday and get after it.

Life and sports aren’t fun sometimes. But, nobody cares if you are feeling sorry for yourself. The world keeps going. So we must keep moving right along.

New week, same attitude for the Westerners. We will show up and we will be ready to play!


Here is just a quick note on humility.

In our profession being humble and showing humility goes a long way. This game is about the kids, on both sidelines. If you take the field and forget that the team you are battling against are kids too, you are missing the boat.

Things go in cycles in football. One minute you are on top and the next minute you are at the bottom struggling. Being humble in the best of times will carry you through the worst of times. Coaches who don’t find this balance will fail.

Do your program a favor as a head coach: Be humble. Teach life lessons. Do not think that the wins you accumulate make you some kind a savior or saint. You’re just another human being who happened to win a football game. I


-We all have choices in life. Be grateful for that.

-Continually making mistakes and not learning from them is a terrible thing.

-There are good coaches all over the United States.

-Penn State won a thriller and they have the Heisman Trophy winner in their backfield.

-Kentucky left a WR wide open, nobody covered him at the snap, and lost to Florida. Had to be a tough blow to the stomach.

-A statement win isn’t beating someone you should have beaten.

-If you want to see a good coaching staff work and do it the right way, come on out and watch us.

-The Steelers blew one today.

-Aaron Judge has 48 bombs this year. Impressive!

That’s it. I’m mildly irritated and ready to get back to work tomorrow. I love what I do and who I do it with. I love my team. I love my coaching staff. It’s real. We are genuine.

We have it FIO’ed.

The Turnaround Jason Strunk

Eric Karr Photography


by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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