The Turnaround: Our Kids are Special…don’t disrespect them or the coaches!

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by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Football Head Coach
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What did the Westerners do today?  We prepared to play Lake View.  It’s this Friday at 4:00pm. That’s all I have to say about that.

Let continue the great week we are having!

What’s The Deal?

We seriously have a problem in America.  And, I am not talking about the presidential election, economics etc. I’m talking about football fans.  At all levels.  But, the most disgusting behavior and the most appalling probably occurs at the high school level and that is wrong on so many levels.

After a game in which we won, two weeks ago, a couple of my coaches were stopped exiting the press box. They were trying to get to their wives, who were sitting near the press box.  As they were walking some LHS “fan” stopped them and told them “You won’t win another game this year.  You guys don’t know how to run a program.”

One of my coaches handled this with class and said “I disagree, excuse me.”  The coaches went on to their wives and chatted.  They then joined us on the field for the victory celebration.  Well, this “fan” saw my coaches talking to their wives so he decided to follow them out into the parking lot.  He was saying the same things to wives as he was to the coaches.

If you think this is acceptable, you need your head examined.  If anyone wants to tell me this comes with the territory of being a coach you need check yourself into the state hospital.

At no time is it acceptable to follow females to their cars and harass them over a football game in which they didn’t play.  It’s an act of cowardice.

The most disappointing thing about all this is that it isn’t even surprising.  That is scary and sad all in one.

This gutless “fan” is what is wrong with our sports culture today.  Stay away from high school events if you can’t act like an adult.  It is a high school football game.  These aren’t professional athletes.  It’s high school kids.

If you cannot come to a high school game and be positive in the stands, stay at home.  You aren’t needed. Really, you aren’t needed. Once you grow up, then feel free to come and watch.

Mental Health Tip

Do not live a miserable existence like the example I just gave above.


-If you don’t know the difference between a squib kick and onside kick you probably shouldn’t be yelling anything about it at games.

-Neal Tull, David Moody, Nathan Slaughter and myself all have something in common: experience coaching or playing in major college football or the NFL.  We have given our lives to this sport and we have all had great success.  We love the kids we coach! This is our passion.  This isn’t a hobby.

-This coaching staff is the best I have ever assembled.  It’s the tightest group ever.  We are cohesive.  We have fun.  We are family.  This kind of atmosphere and attitude permeates into the players. Eighteen guys giving all they have to a great group of kids.  Nobody will ever take that away from us!

-We will never give in.  We will never give up.  The players and coaches are in this together.  Stop by and check it out sometime.  It’s a special thing.

-This coaching staff takes care of our players the way we do with our own sons.  Fact!

-We are going to give this this thing a run.

I think that is all I have.  I hope I was crystal clear in where I stand.  Where we stand.  We will not cower down to anyone at anytime.


Small Player Big Play

small player big play

No More Fumbles

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