The Turnaround: Life, NOT Football

coaching lifeLubbock head football coach Jason Strunk with his family during 2016 season.

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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The season is over but I can still write! And I have a lot to write about thanks to the presidential election, my hatred for technology, college football rankings, national anthem protests, the Cubs, the Yankees, spilled milk and all the like.

I can’t tackle all those in one blog, but I can throughout the course of the off season.

The Election Aftermath

Geez, you would think nuclear winter was setting in the day after the election.

I was stunned when I walked outside in the morning and my car started. I was even more startled when I saw the sun come up. Then, I was completely flabbergasted when I went for coffee and I was able to buy coffee. After reading Twitter all night I thought the damn planet was going to implode.

So, where am I with all this? Right where I was the night before the election; one month month before the election; six months before the election and 10 years ago before this election. Yeah, I’m in the same place and feel the same. I live in the greatest country in the world and I am proud of it.

I’m not quite sure what is wrong with the people protesting over a DEMOCRATIC election. Maybe they are unaware of the process? Or maybe they are still sucking their thumbs and refuse to grow up? Whatever it is, get over it. Life marches on, whether you like the president or not.

Oh, and before I forget. Your boss in the real world will not cancel your work schedule following an Election Day that does not go your way. You see, the college professors who gave you off for “election grieving”, taught you nothing. The people who canceled tests and had pizza parties in their place also taught you nothing. The real world can be a cold, calculating place regardless who is in the Oval Office.

You better find a way to toughen up or you will get swallowed up.

So, in conclusion, I am proud to be an American. Always have been; always will be. No matter who the president is!! Get on board. Life is too short to be miserable.

Cell Phones & Technology

Another day went by and it was a another day where I witnessed people with their noses buried into their phones as if the outside world doesn’t exist. This is bothersome to me.

Before I get into this, let me explain something. About give moths ago I made a conscious decision to use my phone less. You don’t believe me? Well, I have proof in the cell phone bills. I have reduced my cell phone activity by about 75%. What has caused me to do this? The world was passing me by.

I began people watching about five months ago when I decided to change this for my own good. Here are some things I witnessed in the 5 months that have passed:

* 4 people texting or playing games on their phone at a funeral.
* A person taking a call at a funeral.
* Groups of people walking blindly and aimlessly in masses playing Pokemon (c’mon!!!).
* 14 people at one media luncheon who were nose deep in their phones for a good hour, barely looking up to listen to the speaker.
* A guy texting on his motorcycle at a stop light. Yup.
* A woman walked into the side of her car walking and texting.
* There was a get together where the entire party switched to snap chatting and utilizing the filters for a good hour. With everyone in the room (not me, because I don’t have that garbage on my phone).

I have seen some unprecedented time wasting by human beings with their phones. Take a look around sometime. It is fascinating to see! Seriously. People are so unaware of their surroundings because of their phones it’s insanity.

It seems everyone is always texting, using an app, playing a game or my “favorite” snap chatting. I can literally see our society losing intelligence while utilizing technology.

Here is some advice: put your phone down and go live life! Enjoy your family! Holy crap this is an epidemic that is literally frightening. Precious time with family being wasted away on an iPhone. It’s a travesty. Put the damn phone down.

Etiquette to follow:

* Cell phones should not be allowed at the dinner table. Enjoy your family for 30 minutes without the obnoxious phone usage taking place.
* When a guest speaker is talking, listen. Stop snap chatting. Or playing games. Cripes!
* Engage someone in a conversation without looking at your phone. Oh, the humanity of it all!
* Selfies at funerals are frowned upon. I know that is tough to comprehend.

Some other advice:

* Delete as many apps as you can. Gain back your freedom.
* Delete snap chat. Trust me, you don’t need it.
* Put the phone down and talk with your significant other. I know the enormity of all this is striking, but it may help your relationship.
* Have your phone set to taser mode to shock you ever time you want to grab it and waste brain cells.

I eliminated a lot of phone activity and it is awesome. It feels like I gained a portion of my life back. I know you can do it to. It sounds so incomprehensible at the moment but trust me you can do this.

Laying the sarcasm on thick. Like pine tree perfume. Just put your phone down. Live life and be considerate of others. Or, you can just grow up.

This was a random blog about nothing football related. It feels good!

Ok. Have a great day. FIO.

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