The Turnaround: Lubbock Westerners, Day 4

Lubbock Westerners footballLubbock's varsity defense getting in work on Thursday.
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by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Day 4

Well, we completed our acclimation period!  Four days down and now we move onto big boy football.  With pads.  With hitting.  With excitement.  Full contact is upon us!

Now, being serious for a moment, which is difficult for me, I really like the acclimation period.  It helps get us into a groove and focus on technique, ball skills, formation recognition etc.  We got lots of great work in this week before we go boom today.

Another reason why I like this period is it keeps us fresher.  It’s just a different game today.  Need to keep guys healthy and keep their heads safe.  You will never hear me complain about the way we do things in today’s game.  It makes it safer for our players.  I’m good with it.

Day four was full of attitude, effort and drove.  I loved seeing it all week long!

Post Practice

Jason Strunk

Strunky’s practice schedule with notes from practice.

After practice, and once we clear the field house, we meet in my office and discuss the practice we just had and plan for the next day.  This meeting is absolutely critical and essential.

While we practice I take notes on my practice schedule.  I use these notes as reminders of things I liked and didn’t like from practice.  Once we get together I let the staff know what I saw.  This is a constructive staff meeting; I’m not there to call people out.  It helps us get better.  And I mention the good just as much as the bad.

You need to be constantly evaluating and changing things up.  Practice needs to flow.  You need rhythm.  This meeting helps us all get on the same page and make the necessary adjustment.

Some advice to coaches: always have a pen attached to your whistle lanyard.  Make notes as you go as well.  It helps tremendously!

Mental Health Tip

My good friend, Basira, sent this to me and I wanted to share it on here.  This was great and came at the right time.

“People are just as happy as they make their minds to be.”

Lesson?  Positive vibes is the best way to approach life and football.  Be as positive as you can be.  Make your mind right!

Even though Basira is a Mets fan, she is awesome and helps keep me on the right mental track for the day.


-A-Rod is a bench player now.  Full time.  Brutal to see.

Tyler Lloyd is good at programming scoreboards.

Tyler Lloyd

Lubbock assistant coach Tyler Trout programming Westerners’ scoreboard.

-Yogi, my beloved bulldog, is a train wreck.

-I still prefer the CFL over the NFL.

-The Summer Olympics are about to start.  For me, once they incorporated pro athletes, the spirit of the games vanished.

-By the way, 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team is the greatest sports story of all time. And they were amateurs.  FIO people.

Nate Gensler is turning out to be an outstanding DC for us!

Neal Tull plays the Viola.

-I found a watch in the garbage today. On the back its inscribed with the name, Leo.

Till next time….FIO.

No More Fumbles

Play Football

nfl play football

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