The Turnaround: New Week, New Opponent, Same Approach

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I’m back to writing. I was sick last week and it absolutely crushed my energy. I was
miserable all week. Sore throat, sinuses, chest congestion and whatever else hit me.
Didn’t have enough in the reserve tank to get to the writing portion of my evening. So, I’m back now. Feels good to feel human again.

Last week was just a rough week all together. Feeling miserable and then getting pummeled on Thursday night 52-0 didn’t help me feel any better. We caught a pissed-off Dumas football team and they really outplayed us in every phase of the game. We were completely dismantled, physically.

That’s enough about last week. This week is a new week. It’s a new opponent. It’s the same approach. We must continue on and get back to playing our kind of football. We need to match our intensity and physicality from week one.

Our approach — practicing fast and amping-up the intensity, is the same for this week. We believe in what we do. I believe in the format we have created. It works. We just need to execute. That’s the bottom line.

The name of the game this week is execution and playing physical. It is a must in the game of football.

I am looking for a big bounce back week!! Time to play with passion and fire.

Knee-Jerk Reactions

You learn a lot from losing. In fact, losing teaches you more than winning. You need to keep your perspective crystal clear, when recovering from a loss. You must avoid knee-jerk reactions.

During our blowout loss on Thursday night, I kept thinking, “good grief, we need to pare-down what we are doing.” After the game, I felt the same way. Friday afternoon during our offensive staff meeting, I felt the same way. We were really struggling behind closed doors trying to figure out what to do.

Then, suddenly, after leaving the office for the night, I was struck with clarity.

After watching film and stewing on things for awhile, it all clicked. The clarity was this: we are doing what we need to do. We aren’t doing too much. We are just simply not executing right now and it all comes back to being more physical. It doesn’t matter what we get rid of or what we add, we would still be in the same predicament.

So the lesson is this; do not have knee-jerk reactions to a loss. Give yourself time to vent and watch film. Give yourself a chance to get some clarity. It’s important. You need to stay the course. Do not let losses impair your judgment.


-Twitter is a wasteland of dangerous opinions that people misconstrue as facts.

-I think I have finally got every major news outlet on Twitter blocked. Life is so much simpler.

-I think it’s time the NCAA revises its targeting policy. I understand making the game safe, but this policy and its process is for the birds. It’s a review and if upheld, the player gets ejected. Come on. You can do better than that.

-Speaking of college ball, soon enough the big-wig pundits will start spitting-out the word “resume”. Let’s look at Alabama’s resume to this point, yada yada yada and more yada yada yada. For crying out loud, invent a real playoff format so we can actually see a true winner based on actual game results, not the dumb resumes these guys spew out every week. It’s really a weak process.

-The NFL is boring. It really is.

-The Yankees are closing in on the Wild Card a lot. I will take it.

-Hockey season starts soon; I hope the NBA season gets canceled for some reason. One
can only hope.

-Treat people right. Including your staff and players. They are your program. Don’t ever forget it.

Alright. Good to be back. It’s an amazing feeling being able to be me. Being yourself is a key to living a happy life. I’m never going to not be me ever again.

Until next time… FIO.

No More Fumbles

Play Football

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