The Turnaround: Opening Week

The Turnaround

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Today was Monday, Day One of prep work for Seminole.  It was also the first day of school.  It was a hectic day.  I was all over Lubbock…nonstop!

We had a good practice, with lots of install and film work.  It was a good learning and teaching day.  It’s how we design Monday’s.  It works well with what we want to accomplish.

We conditioned them hard today.  It’s essential to what we are doing.  We want to be tough and ready to outlast our opponents in the fourth quarter.  That is when games are won and lost.  We also got a weight workout in today.

So overall, Monday was what we designed it for and we executed the plan.  It was a solid day for the Westerners.

Back at it tomorrow.  Attitude, Effort, Conditioning…The end.

Special Teams

I am still in the process of installing and tweaking special teams.  Finding the right pieces to fit and adding things here and there.

One lasting thought: I need more time.  I’m ready to smash my head off the wall trying to find more time to put things in.  Constantly searching for time to install things.  The troubled life of a special teams coordinator.

That is my sad tale of the night.


-How is tofu considered a food? Throw some salt on sawdust and call that food if you are willing to say tofu is food.

-Ryan Lochte. The rest of this sentence is up for your imagination.

-Tackling in tackle football is a lost art.

-Nolan Ryan is probably still better than a good portion of current MLB pitchers.

-Alabama is ranked number one. The sky is blue, too.

-Gary Sanchez hit a home run.

-Gary Sanchez just hit another home run.

-The color pink is agitating.

Night, night.


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