The Turnaround: Preparing for Seminole

The TurnaroundLubbock Westerners preparing for season opener against Seminole.
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Today was a fun day.  We had an energized practice.  The effort was great, as always the case with this crew.  We had some threatening clouds hanging around us so we had to speed some things up, but we didn’t miss any key components of practice.  All-in-all, it was a good practice day for us.lubbock football

Tomorrow is the last contact practice of the week.  So that means we are paring practice back a bit and starting to make final preparations for Seminole High School.  We need a nice, crisp practice tomorrow.  Finish on a good note before we head into our walk-through periods on Thursday and Friday.  I think we will accomplish what we are looking for.

Tomorrow is a new day.  Let’s keep this rolling.

The Team

We have great kids.  They truly are great kids.  It isn’t me just saying that, either.  You know me; I’m going to always say what I think and feel.  I do not sugarcoat anything (ask my 7 year old daughter that, too).  So when I say these kids are great, I mean it.

Lubbock footballIt’s a great blend of personalities. From the Dae Dae’s and Kwami’s to the Mitchell Gallagher‘s and Christian Jimenez‘s, this team is very well-rounded and features many different character traits.  It makes it fun.

I am telling you this because this team has emerged as a fortified unit.  They are in this together.  It’s amazing to see this group check their ego’s at the door.  It has made the locker room a refreshing place to be.

We teach our team that we are more than teachers of the game of football.  We are here to teach them life lessons, things these guys can apply to the real world when they graduate.  That is the biggest responsibility we hold.  I take it seriously.

Tomorrow I will teach some more life lessons to these guys.  These lessons will help them keep the Seminole game in perspective. It’s a great team and I’m thankful they let myself and the coaches teach them valuable lessons.

This is a great group!


Neal Tull wears pink cargo shorts to work.

Nick Saban talked about attitude and effort today. I think he is stealing my lines. Well, maybe not. But it was worth a try.

-Coaches should focus on what’s important.  Sounds like common sense, but you would
be surprised.

-Fantasy football is pointless.  Stop clogging Twitter and the airwaves with this nonsensical jargon.  It isn’t real, hence the word fantasy.

-I saw a human being eating a Twinkie with chopsticks today.

-I taught John Cardinal everything he knows about golf.

Ken Griffey Jr. was one of greatest of all time. I loved watching him play except for one time in October of 1995.

-I bought two calzones today with pennies and heated my shirt up in a pizza oven.

See you tomorrow!


Small Player Big Play

small player big play

No More Fumbles

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