The Turnaround: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Lubbock FootballHeavy rains flooded streets around Lubbock High's Chapman Fieldhouse, cancelling practice today.
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by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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imagejpeg_0 (3)As I noted yesterday, we are in the midst of a short week, we kickoff tomorrow night at 7:05pm against Andrews HS.  Well, the short week got even shorter; we were rained out today and could not get a practice in.

Yes, we have an indoor practice facility.  We could have gone in there, if our circumstances were ideal. However, Chapman Fieldhouse turns into a flood zone when we get rain.  Therefore, our practice got canceled and our practice time turned into an evacuation.

imagejpeg_1 (4)

Flood waters rising at Lubbock HS practice facility

In the past, we have had cars totaled by flood waters, some cars have even been swept away.  It is not worth the risk, and we were right by sending the kids home.  The roads around Chapman became flooded and impassable.  People were boating and water skiing on our streets…no exaggeration.

imagejpeg_3 (3)The flood waters won out today.  Just a little more adversity thrown into the mix this week. There is nothing we can do about it, even if I am frustrated and ready to smash something out of anger.  Just keep moving along.

Mental Health Tip

Remember, you can only control what you can control.  I cannot control the weather, so I just need to roll with it and remind myself that what happened today was out of my control.  Deep breaths and just deal with it.

Do not get all worked up over things that are simply out of my control.  I am slowly talking myself into this train of thought right now.


-I have no sympathy for Hope Solo and her terminated contract.  Definitely not a cowardly move by the ones who pulled that trigger. I guess you can call it poetic justice.

-I think people want to see Tim Tebow fail because of jealousy.  I never understand the hatred and animosity pointed in his direction. You don’t like his message?  Good.  Ignore it.  I do. But I always appreciated his effort, grit, competitiveness, desire, leadership etc. How can you not like those qualities?  He was fun to watch at QB. And all he did was win. Bottom line.  I hope he somehow makes it in baseball.  If not, good for him anyway.

-I miss watching The Big Ticket on Friday nights after games.  Jeff Fisher can commiserate with me on this one.

-There is great football all over the United States.  No need to be a homer 24/7. Take a look around and appreciate good football and great coaches in every state.

-The person you need to impress the most is yourself.

Mike Meeks, our only current AD in LISD, is knocking it out of the park!  He never stops working. His workload is outrageous.  It’s a mad scramble every day.  He has handled it flawlessly.  He takes care of all the coaches.  I have no idea how he is managing all of this, but I hope people are noticing.  He is doing a tremendous job!!

That’s it.  Taking deep breaths and getting ready for tomorrow.  Just rolling with the circumstances.  We will be ready!


Small Player Big Play

small player big play

No More Fumbles

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