The Turnaround: Ready for Plainview

Lubbock WesternersLubbock High School preparing for Friday's scrimmage against Plainview.

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Today was Thursday, obviously, and that meant it was a light practice to tune-up ahead of our scrimmage tomorrow night.  We also walk through tomorrow morning at 8:00am.  I like to make sure our guys get up and shake the cobwebs off before arriving for the scrimmage.  We need to get some blood flowing.

Lubbock Westerners

The 2016 high school football season is right around the corner for the Lubbock Westerners.

There isn’t anything exciting to report on today.  It was just a typical Thursday.  As a coach, I hope our guys come ready to play hard tomorrow.  That is all I want.  Show me what you have!

Scrimmage Measurables

Tomorrow, I am looking for much the same as in our Sweetwater scrimmage:

1. Attitude
2. Effort
3. Conditioning

I can gauge these areas.  The football things I will obviously see on film and we can correct.  But, film doesn’t help me fix attitude or effort.  It is something we have instilled in this team.  It has to come from within.

We have been conditioning hard and I expect to see that show-up tomorrow.  Nobody can ever control your attitude, effort or conditioning. You, the player, are solely responsible for these areas.  These are the measurables I am looking for and evaluating tomorrow.

I don’t get wound up for scrimmages.  In fact, I loathe them.  Coaches get all jacked-up and get puffy chested.  Not me. I have my objectives and my goals.  I stay in that frame of mind.  Once I achieve the goals, I’m ready to roll out.


-People ask me all the time which is the best state for high school football.  I have coached in three of the top five in the U.S.  I have an answer and an opinion.  I’m going to write a separate blog on this topic.  I will say, depending on who you talk to, the best state for football is the one you are coaching in or your home state.  Well, I can actually weigh-in based on experience.  This will be a fun blog

-A coaching staff that laughs together is a coaching staff that will succeed together.  Chemistry is everything.

-It’s amazing how much gets done when people aren’t complaining about what they do.

-The training table room looks great!  Have some great people in there taking ownership and embracing what we do!  So good to see.

-The NHL needs to start soon.

-I need some east coast food.  Dying for some real pizza and a cheesesteak.  The struggle is real!

-My son had Open House tonight at LHS.  Insane to think he is a freshman.  2001…seems like it was yesterday.

-Life is too short. Enjoy it!

Tomorrow is a scrimmage. Time to see where we are at again. These weeks go by fast!


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