The Turnaround: Strunky vs. Lubbock Cooper and his good friend

Lubbock footballAfter a good practice Thursday, Stunky watched his freshman win their third straight game.
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Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Heading into our big district game tonight against Lubbock Cooper, the Westerners came back and had a great practice on Thursday.

We laid an egg on Wednesday and I was not going to allow that to slide.  I got on them Thursday and in a hurry.  They responded with the best practice all week.  Maybe even all year, for that matter.

We got physical, which is a far cry from a normal Thursday.  I felt it was necessary. The results were great. Maybe we are on to something here?

So the practice week is officially wrapped up.  Today is the day.  It’s time to kick-off district play tonight.

My Foe, My Friend

I always love getting ready to play Lubbock Cooper.  They are led by one of my good friends, Max Kattwinkel.  Yes, you can look forward to playing against a friend of yours.  It’s really not a big deal.

Kat is one of the best around.  Great guy and a great coach.  Our friendship is awesome.  I can always count on Kat when I need something and vice versa.  He runs his program the right way and his kids play the game the right way.  Thy play hard!  They don’t trash talk.  They aren’t about the drama.  I admire that.  It’s a sign of the kind of guy and coach Kat is.

So yes, tonight we square off.  We will joke before the game.  Then the kids will play and we will coach our teams.  After the game we will joke some more.  It’s not me against Kat; it’s LHS against LCP. That’s why this game is so enjoyable for me.


-I saved yesterday for an energized, angry tirade to motivate my team after a bad practice.  I think it worked.

-A person can only go so long feeling disrespected.  Eventually, that person will come out swinging.

-If you really want to get to know someone you should try to get to know them.  If you want to understand someone maybe you should try to understand someone.  Life isn’t complicated. People make it complicated…FIO.

-Good playoff baseball last night.

Lubbock football

Thursday night, Lubbock High’s freshman won their third straight game.

-Our Freshmen team won tonight 24-14 last night.  That is three in a row for those guys. Great job!

-I was ready to put the gear on today and play.  I was that wound-up.  I’m getting older: need to calm down, I suppose.

-Nobody can ever make you feel inferior.  You need to fight that.  You control you; we control we.  Never let someone inside your head.

Zach Britton is still waiting in the Pen.

-The Mets can count pitches all off-season.

Today is upon us. Let’s strap it up and get crazy!


Small Player Big Play

small player big play

No More Fumbles

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