The Turnaround: Week 1 in the books

Jason StrunkLubbock head coach Jason Strunk says it was a nearly perfect Week 1 for the Westerners.
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by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Week 1 Wrap-Up

The week is over.  How do you measure how well your team performed?  Simple…you set goals and objectives.  Did you hit those?  Let’s see how the Westerners did…

Attitude – 99%

Effort – 99%

Conditioning – 100%

Alignment – 100%

Stance – 100%

Assignment – 100%

Healthy – 100%

Lubbock Westerners head into Week 2 of fall camp this week.

Lubbock Westerners head into Week 2 of fall camp this week.

Looking at these numbers you can say the Westerners had a very successful week!  Maybe the best week in my 21 years as a coach.

If you are wondering how I arrived at my percentages, here is your answer.  We covered alignment, assignment and stance…every day.  So that is 100% of what we wanted to do this week, in those realms.

Nobody is injured — 100% there.

Attitude and effort.  This one is simple.  It takes an entire team to get 100% in those categories.  99% of our kids gave us their best attitude and effort every single day.  99% of this team needed no reminder of how hard to work, run and display a positive attitude.  I’m shooting for 100% next week.

Again, our emphasis this week was winning what we can control.  We did that.  We won.  We will continue to win those areas.

It was a great week!  Looking forward to next week!

Off Day

The entire Westerners program is off today.  Why?  Because I said so.

Recharge the batteries.  Do something with the family.  Anything but football.  We have plenty of time to watch film, do laundry etc.  Why do you have time to worry about those things later?  Because we are on top of it daily.  We get our jobs done.

Work smarter, not harder.  You won’t see us parking vehicles in front of buildings just to show we are working.  We work our tails off and we do it the right way.

Come watch us.  You will see for yourself how to do it right and not run your players and staff into the ground.

Scrimmage Week

This week we have my good friend coming into town with his vaunted Mustangs.  HC Shane Mobley, who is as good a friend anyone can have, is bringing his Sweetwater Mustangs to Lubbock.

Mobley has turned those guys into a perennial power.  This is a good test for us!  Let’s see what have against a quality foe.

At any rate, Mobley is buying dinner after this one is over.  Win-win for me!

Mental Health Tip

Surround yourself with people you trust and are comfortable with.  It helps your mind if the environment is right.  I have already heard coaches stating this staff chemistry is the best they have seen.

This is an important piece to mental health!


-A-Rod plays his last game this Friday.  Sad day for me.

-What is the deal with people saying “no worries” in place of “you’re welcome”?  It’s a conundrum I cannot wrap my head around.  Yeah, Biff, I know there are no worries, because I told you thank you.  Must be a millennial thing. Irritating.

April Ross and Kerri Walsh Jennings

Watching April Ross and Kerri Walsh Jennings work-out prior to the Olympics in Laguna Beach, CA.

-Watched April Ross and Kerri Walsh Jennings win in beach volleyball last night.  Still amazed I got to see them play and train in Laguna Beach.  I literally was five feet from their court.  Awesomeness.

-Other than that, the Olympics have been boring with a long-winded Opening Ceremony.
Change your schtick already, IOC.

-I don’t like Ovaltine.

See you next week. Going to be live blogging from Mendy’s over a bowl of soup.


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