The Turnaround: Week 3 begins for Lubbock Westerners

The Turnaround
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by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Sunday; Week 3 Begins

Sunday has come and gone!  Tomorrow the players come back in for an afternoon practice and just like that we are in the stretch run of fall camp.

The staff was off today, as is customary for our scrimmage weeks.  It just doesn’t make sense to me to bring them in when we will be holed-up for hours on end every Sunday during the regular season.  They have families.  And a life.  Football can wait 24 hours.

However, even the though the staff was off, I went in to do some work and workout.  Somewhere around 11:30am, Neal TullDavid Moody and our DC, Nate Gensler, showed-up to get some video time in.  We watched film for an hour and took off.

That one hour film session was real beneficial for us.  We picked up a lot things from our Sweetwater scrimmage.  The best thing about it was we were just there on our own accord.  Four ball coaches, just relaxing and watching some film.  It was a good session with a lot of ideas shared.

Back at it tomorrow for everyone in the program.  The staff will be recharged after a day off, the kids will be as well.
Keep them fresh, both mentally and physically.


Earlier today, I wondered aloud in my Randomness section if any 5-star recruit ever had a scholarship offer revoked for something they posted on social media.

Now, I’m putting this in the body of this blog.  I’m really interested to see if anyone knows of this actually occurring.

So, if anyone can let me know if they actually know of this happening, please let me know.  It’s just an honest question I have and I am curious to see if it has happened.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Mental Health Tip

Wake up every day and be thankful that you have more to be thankful for than just being a coach.  You got that?

Yes, you, the coach.  There is more to you than that title.  You have a ton of things to be thankful for.  Clear your mind of football for one day and do something you enjoy with the ones you love.  Be thankful for more than just football.

Again, this sounds like common sense, but I have been around too long.  I know the mindset of some coaches.  If you don’t stop to look around and smell the flowers you are heading for a burnout.  Google Dick Vermeil for reference.

Stay mentally healthy!


Hope Solo needs to FIO a few things.  For starters, Hope, you are the goalie who allowed the goals, which beat your team.  Also, Hope, calling a team that beat you a bunch of cowards is actually cowardice on your part.  They game planned and beat you.  You didn’t do squat.  You allowed the goals and then cried foul.  Why?  Because you are
a coward who won’t hold herself accountable for your own failure.  I will use this, Hope, to teach my football team of what not to say or do after a loss.  Thank you, Hope.

-Yankees couldn’t sweep the Rays today…naturally.   And naturally, they sent Severino to the minors for the 39th time this year.  Maybe just keep him there now, Cashman? Sounds like a good plan!

-Steelers lost a preseason game to the Lions. I also got a paper cut today.

-Our world is soft. Our world is too politically correct.

Tyler Lloyd put me on a new workout plan.  He has abused me for well over a year now and continues to do so.  I think he enjoys making me suffer.

Well, I’m done! Till tomorrow.


No More Fumbles

Play Football

nfl play football

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