Texas High School Football Chat


Every Wednesday at 8pm Central Time, football coaches from all over Texas and the United States engage in a conversation about their sport and profession using the hashtag #txhsfbchat, which stands for Texas High School Football Chat, on Twitter.

Each chat lasts for an hour where participating coaches answer questions provided by Coach Chris Fisher, the creator of #txhsfbchat. The discussion allows for all coaches to connect with each other, expanding their professional network and continuing to learn about the game we love.

#txhsfbchat has featured Division 1 college football coaches from SMU, North Texas, and Sam Houston State, and Division 2 coaches, high school coaches as guest hosts.

Coach Fisher is the offensive line coach at Ridge Point High School in Missouri City, TX. His passion for learning and helping others through the power of social media led him to create #txhsfbchat.

You can read through all the archived chats on txhsfbchat.com

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