VIDEO: In a day-and-age of kneeling, Southern California high school team salutes the flag

burroughs footballPhoto courtesy of Brian Bartles

To this point, I’ve stayed away from writing stories on my site about kneeling during the national anthem.


Quite honestly, we’re called High School Football America…for a reason.  Our logo contains stars…for a reason. Our colors are red, white and blue…for a reason. I haven’t written kneeling stories…for a reason.

But, today I WILL write a story about the Burroughs High School football team in Ridgecrest, California.  Friday night, at the start of the Burros’ homecoming game against Oak Hills, every player on the roster entered the field carry an American flag while Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the U.S.A. blasting-out of the stadium’s PA system.

You can watch the entire moving video below from Tina Marie, who sent it to me via our High School Football America Facebook page. The video has gone viral with millions of views.

“We live in a military town and the kids have been frustrated with all the recent events going on,” said Burroughs head coach Todd Mather. “They wanted to show that we are lucky to live in the greatest country on earth and that we ALL need to get back to respecting our flag and national anthem. We wanted to show the power of our community, our teams brotherhood and to stand on the shoulder of our parents and grandparents, who instilled the respect, integrity, character and work ethic in us for this great country and community.”

Listen to Coach Mather on High School Football America Radio Show

The crowd was also treated to a fly-over by two F-18’s.

Burroughs improved to 6-2 with a 20-17 win in the Mojave River League game.

BTW, I wrote this story…for a reason.

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